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  1. The Epicurious recipe I tried turned out great. Really rich, as you'd guess from anything that includes as much eggs, butter and cream as it does, but delicious. One thing I noticed as I searched for a recipe: although most of the bread puddings I've eaten in restaurants are more compacted (and most likely made from single pieces of bread), all of the receipes I found called for cubes. Any thoughts on this?
  2. Y'all are too quiet. Perhaps you're too busy getting an early start on V-day festivities...? Anyway, I stopped by Saint Ex last night. Nice enough spot. Not "oh my gosh, the best place EVER" or anything, a good time was had by all. My gang and I sat in the downstairs lounge. Some were hungry, others were not. I had only a little appetite, perhaps due to the heavy cloud of smoke (both old and fresh). My tolerance for smoke is decreasing - not a popular sentiment around these parts, I know, but too bad. For drinks, I started with a California Zinfandel ($8). I don't remember the details, probably because it was nothing special. Downstairs, I chose a Spanish red on special for $6. Much zingier than the Zinfandel, but kind of "whatever." I had a burger which was served exactly as ordered (medium, cheddar). When I saw my friend's with blue cheese, I was instantly jealous, but mine was good too. Their fries (touted as frites, but nothing like what you'd get at, say, Bistrot du Coin) were very tasty - crunchy and flavorful - but I didn't like their "homemade" ketchup. Tasted a touch like marinara sauce, didn't have any bite. Upstairs is more like a traditional neighborhood restaurant as opposed to the downstairs bar/lounge-with-dj.
  3. must. keep. joke. to. self. Between this and the Royal Palace sub-thread in the "New Spots" thread, this forum is getting a whole lot more interesting. I wonder why Good Guys gets all the pub. Across the street, near Austin Grill, is JP's. No one ever mentions it...
  4. In lieu of new ideas, I'll be making this for our Valentine's dessert...
  5. I found only one such recipe on recipe gullet.
  6. Everything in moderation (including moderation - who said that? it's good stuff). I love bread. I love pasta. I love rice. But I also love bacon, steak, sausage, peanut butter, etc.
  7. Stirring things up again... Kuna is another restaurant that doesn't get much pub here. Why not? Sietsema recommends it up the wazoo. Personally, I like it a lot, but with a few "but"s. The prices have climbed a little (it's still inexpensive though) while the number of menu items has - at least during the week - dropped significantly. I understand that the margins must be low with the prices they charge, but the place is just about always packed. Sometimes I wish for more interesting non-pasta options because most of the time, I'll just order the spicy penne with vodka sauce (which, in theory, I can make at home - that experience with "you won't be single for long" pastaaside). I love having the ability to sample the house wines while waiting for a table, as well as the friendly, involved owner. All in all, I think it's good stuff in a lively neighborhood and I do wish there were more spots like Kuna.
  8. Methinks John would rather focus on the cooking of food rather than its marketing...
  9. I kinda like Paolo's (mini-chain). They have a really good bean spread with their breadsticks. Moderately priced; casual (but not too) atmosphere.
  10. What else is on the menu, John?
  11. I have loved it, but only eaten there once because it gets pricey in a hurry. The food isn't all that expensive, but their drinks, if I recall correctly, start at $8 and go up fast. One is never enough... They had a great lamb dish...and the trio of creme brulees was incredible (especially the kona coffee version).
  12. Ten Penh isn't the subject of much chatter these days. Why not?
  13. Rachel was indeed right about the intent of this thread. That said, I'm also more than happy to hear ways that I might improve my own cooking in the future.
  14. A friend of mine picked Cashion's for her birthday dinner. I haven't been there in a year and a half, but what I remember about it was 1. we had a very friendly, super-knowledgable server, 2. I had a buffalo steak entree and liked it, 3. the bill was pretty large because we drank a good deal of wine. I've heard criticisms about Cashion's lately, mostly due to the fact that the menu hasn't been updated in forever. If that's the case, what have you eaten there and liked/disliked? I cannot influence the restaurant choice so don't suggest that.
  15. Daily Planet has a mailing list (old-school, via mail, not e-mail) that publicizes events, specials, etc. Unfortunately, my newsletter invariably arrives too late to enjoy, say, a third of the goings-on. What's up with that??
  16. Funny. In my former Thursday night visits there, the band WAS upstairs (and I wished they'd just go away).
  17. OK, I'm on the other team. Let's call us The Haters. I was never forced to finish a meal, clean my plate or finish an unfinished meal the next day. My parents completely catered to my likes/dislikes. BUT...I also know plenty of people who would say "my parents made me eat okra and as soon as I left for college, I vowed 'never again!'."
  18. My mailing address is... Seriously, it's not the same as the picture, but it looks great to me. I'm no chef, but when I make pineapple (and alternately, banana) upside down cake, the brown sugar and butter mixture does 1. get lumpy and 2. separate a little if you don't complete the various steps somewhat quickly. Still, I haven't found that it affects the taste or look noticably. The pan sounds like part of the problem (ridges = bad!), but I'm stumped re: the floating cranberries.
  19. So...among those of you crazy enough (or perhaps just more romantic than me) to go out this coming Saturday, where are you going? <PLM and I will be cooking at home>
  20. No. 9 and the Evening Star don't get mentioned much on this board. I have enjoyed my meals (and drinks) there. I find the food to be tasty and reasonable (love the chicken sausage appetizer) and the service, casual but competent. Anyone else have an opinion?
  21. Has anyone been to Poste lately? I've never been all that impressed, but it's close to my office so I'm willing to give it another chance (if it makes sense to).
  22. Help. I am admittedly a reluctant cook part of the time and a bad cook some of the time. But I find it hard to believe that even I can mess up a cookbook recipe for fettucine alfredo that has been good to me (if not my heart) many times before. But the last two times I have made it, the cheese won't become a part of the sauce. Instead, it clumps in a big ol' glob of parmesan. I checked my ingredients (all fresh, for once), the temperatures suggested in the recipe...I varied nothing. Yet...clumps o' cheese. Have any of you also had recipes suddenly go bad?
  23. Is Saint Ex that bad? Can anyone comment on specifics?
  24. Are you talking about the Royal Palace? They might serve food, but I wouldn't eat there. Ew, no! Different spot. Looks more like a retail space, but they're advertising for either retail or restaurant. Royal Palace lives on.
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