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  1. Dumplings are easily one of my favorite foods which begs the question: Who has the best dumplings in DC? My favorite dumplings are meat-filled. Occasionally I'll give in and eat one filled with veggies. Forget shrimp. It's just not for me, but I know others like them. For home delivery, I like beef gyoza from Hibachi Brothers and but dislike the pork ones from Chen's (and half the time they aren't available anyway). City Lights' dumplings are just ok. In restaurants, I crave Ten Penh's crab and pork version. Sushi AOI does ok dumplings with spicy dipping sauce, but I think they're over priced for what you get in a lunch portion. Share your favorites with me - help this dumpling lover get her fix!
  2. I was there for a couple of those Dead Guys Friday night after work. I saw someone at the bar get their pepperoni pizza. It really looked dark-- part of the rim of the crust was black and many of the pepperonis looked browned and crisped too much. Maybe a new guy is manning the oven? A server or two has confided that it's the owner who prefers the extra-crispy pizza. I have learned to always ask for mine on the light side because the sauceless Prosciutto White (which I know you also like, Mike) dries out. Today, no luck though.
  3. I'm sitting here muching on a Prosciutto White - more or less happily - right now that I got as takeout from Matchbox. Although I ordered my pizza "less than well done" I am finding it to be well done (and then some) which is a bummer. Funny how the initial thoughts on their pizza all said "cook it more!" I wish I could have gotten them to listen to my special order because this one - although it still tastes good - is making my teeth hurt.
  4. Are you sure? This destroys some of my ideas about Japanese ethnographic ideas in the US. Positive. We went there enough to become quite familiar with the staff.
  5. When I was growing up in NEPA, one of my favorite places to have dinner was Robata in downtown Scranton. It was a teppanyaki style restaurant with a sushi bar. Considered veeeeeerrrry exotic back in the day (this was the 80s). It was located right on Courthouse Square yet the block was a little shady. To me, it seemed kind of dark and mysterious, in a good way. Upon entering and being greeted by a kimono-wearing hostess (and at this point, the employees were actually Japanese), you could check out the large raised bar to the left where people sipped sake as well as fruity Mai Tais out of large Buddha vessels with a hole in the belly button for a straw. My folks were never into anything exotic so forget sushi. They liked everything else though from the tiny salad with ginger dressing to the onion broth with mushrooms to the part where the chef would try to flip shrimp into their mouth. One of my favorite parts of the visit, though, was simply the interesting channeled spoons. My mother's older sister (well-known as the black sheep of the family and quite an instigator of fun times) and I would put a little soup in the bowl of the spoon and slurp it down out of the handle until my mother got aggravated and told us to stop in an exaggerated stage whisper. Robata has since closed. In its later years, everything declined - its cleanliness, service and yes, the food. But teppanyaki lives on in NEPA at Kyoto in Clarks Summit. Way better than any Benihana outpost or clone, the owner (Vinnie), a wonderful host from Hong Kong, serves up the hibachi standards as well as other more inventive specialties. Better yet, the area is finally ready for good sushi and Vinnie does his best to provide, working with top purveyors from NYC.
  6. When I drove down Wisconsin last night, Red Ginger looked open to me.
  7. Wonderful "meeting" you and your family, Marlene!
  8. When I first moved to DC two and a half years ago, there was plenty of talk about Red Ginger on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown. Unfortunately, for every diner that discussed its good Caribbean-inspired food, there was another one decrying the rude service. Has anyone been recently (say, in the last year or so)?
  9. After the Ten Penh story, I vowed only to eat edamame I prepare myself!! Thanks for talking about Rumba, Rocks (not that they need more business on the weekend!!). It's one of my favorites - full of flavor, and not just where the food is concerned. The decor is a spectacular mish-mash, featuring all kinds of trinkets, icons from various religions and the art of their favorite local artist of the moment. Oh, and I almost forgot: they have the tiniest bandstand I've ever seen. It's probably six feet by four feet yet somehow I've seen as many as six musicians - and their instruments - happily crammed into the small space. For cocktails, my friends start with a mojito or a pisco sour; I prefer their caipirinha. Unlike Rocks, I love the lomo just as it is. We get this dish almost every time we visit. Another carne favorite is the bistec with pounded fried plaintain, fresh salsa and...mayonaise. It just works, ok? We've also enjoyed their different variations on the arepa. For mains, I have had the puerco many times. At Rumba, it's a pork loin served with fresh pineapple and mojo sauce. I love it. When I have a meat-loving friend with me, we'll often get the mixed grill (parilla criolla)for two which includes flank steak, short ribs, pork sausage and a few other items. It's a little overwhelming in its abundance. For dessert, we keep it simple: flan. I like Rumba's better than most.
  10. No, no, bananas in milk, and coffee to drink This is what my mother gave me for breakfast when I was little and said no to everything else. I'm like your son in that I don't like my cereal with milk. Instead, I get the bowl of cereal, add milk, slice banana and when the banana part is done, I drain the milk. Great blog, Marlene and I love recipe gullet!
  11. One should not opine if one has never been to Old Forge. The thing that's intriguing (and I'll admit, a little weird) to me about this is the american cheese thing. But OTOH I prefer american on my cheesesteaks, and when I was a kid I liked cheddar on my pizza, so... You should re-read the part about American cheese. That was put in there as an example of bad stuff not Old Forge-style across the board.
  12. Soupkitchen, welcome to the DC board. Perhaps you would care to enlighten us with your feedback regarding the DC branch of Rosa Mexicano? What did you like when you visited there?
  13. Just got a call from a college friend who made the trek to Dulles. Having attended school in central NY, we're very familiar with the magic that is Wegman's, but I personally don't miss it enough to drive out of my way. My neighborhood Safeway is huge and spotless (especially compared to the NYC supermarkets I endured for 6+ years) and I'm a fan of the Whole Foods nearby. Back to my friend's visit...she said it was incredibly crowded with people parked on sidewalks, grassy patches, etc. Some of these folks had planned ahead, bringing lawn chairs and coolers. Interesting. The friend said it was all you'd hope for in a Wegman's HOWEVER the one condiment she went there for (something from the Dinosaur Barbecue in Syracuse, NY) was sold out. Huge bummer. Her other complaint was that the selection of NYS wines was disappointing.
  14. I'm looking for a shortbread cookie recipe. When I lived in NYC, I loved the small shortbread cookies at City Bakery. I've looked online, but I'm not finding many shortbread recipes. Perhaps this is due to the simplicity of the cookie? Who knows. Emeril's site has one recipe for brown sugar shortbread cookies but it requires the use of a springform pan (which I don't know). What do you think - is it worth the purchase if I have no plans to make cheesecake? Or should I just try the recipe noted in this topic? Thanks in advance.
  15. I like the way you think. Ask and ye shall receive...
  16. In the Old Forge/Pizza Capital thread, slkinsey made the brilliant suggestion that we dedicate a topic to the hidden food finds in my native Northeastern PA. I'll post a few of my faves, but how about you? What have you found while living/visiting and eating near Route 81?
  17. <<sending you lots of happy, comforting thoughts as someone who's been there>> I tend to lose my appetite just about completely when I am upset about my love life. Went through a rough patch recently and lost a quick ten pounds. The only foods I could tolerate were sweet - yogurt with granola, chocolate-chip banana bread (baking it was good as it took up time and kept my mind somewhat occupied) and the occasional Krispy Kreme doughnut. The one exception: I was able to eat when I was in restaurants in the company of friends. Something about the socializing, the distraction...it was good for me. You're going to be ok. Keep repeating to yourself "this too shall pass..."
  18. I'm pretty psyched that any portion of Northeastern PA (NEPA) is getting discussed here. Honestly there are some good eats there if you know where to look. Beware the chain trap - pretty much all of them are represented - and you'll be fine. Personal favorites (non-pizza so consider this a digression) include Amici in the Clarks Summit area, the Bistro in Kingston and two cute Indian spots (yes, Indian in NEPA!) in Moosic, one of which is named Amber.
  19. Taylor-native here. NEPA in the house! The only example I can think of that has the soupier (for lack of a better term) style is Arcaro's in Taylor (which is different than Arcaro & Genell's). I personally like all of Old Forge's various pizzas. So many good ones to choose from. When i visit, though, Salerno's is usually the one I try to get. About a decade ago, that was quite a spot to visit. In the back dining room (decidedly unfancy yet still a dining room), you'd find families munching happily. But up in the front bar...a much different scene. For awhile, it was the hub of a rather large drug ring. There's also Club 17 - they used to have an interesting two-crust (aka stuffed) white pizza with think slices of onion on top of the nicely seasoned crust. Yum...
  20. Poor Tom - he's been taking a beating in some of his most recent chats. If it keeps up, I wouldn't blame him for saying "screw this" and pulling the plug. Thoughts?
  21. I like Zola for cocktails and fondue (but skip the wine says Rocks; skip the entrees says me).
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