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  1. I'm heading over to Zola now (briefly as I want to catch some NCAA action tonight). For cocktails only, Rocks, so don't freak. If we eat anything, it'll be one of the fondues. Not one bite more.
  2. Nice post, Debbie. I'm often asking "why isn't more said about X restaurant?" and 1789 is definitely among that group.
  3. This is all great. Like babka said - welcome! I'll be heading to B'more to visit friends (but am waiting until it's warm out so I can do lots of exploring on foot) so keep the recs coming.
  4. My bad. I was thinking 6:30/7:00 pm. When does Firefly's kitchen close anyway?
  5. My lame-o friend just canceled so no Sette for me tonight. hillvalley? Al_Dente? JPW? Rocks? Other DCers - Who's up for going next week after work one night?
  6. Wait, what? Only well-done? If that is true, let me know (so I don't go there). My personal fave in CA is Fatburger. I know I am in the minority, but I don't really care.
  7. I don't like either (what a shocker, huh? ) so I don't need to worry about what's been done to them prior to being put on my dinner table.
  8. Ditto. Ha, ha. My big complaint about the DC Cafe Deluxe though is that no matter how you order your burger, it WILL arive well done. It's a perfect spot for my unadventurous mother. Mon Ami Gabi was having a nice half-price wine special last night when we arrived.
  9. Yum, raisins. More for me!
  10. Caramel macchiatos are indeed GREAT. I like them because they are flavored with the sticky caramel from a squeeze bottle instead of one of the cleer liquid flavor shots.
  11. Although pink is my favorite color overall, pink Peeps do indeed taste strange. Like the dye is toxic or something. I also don't like red M&Ms.
  12. Combination of the two? Ah, that happened to me at 2 Amy's on Saturday. Mid-afternoon so I looked only clumsy and careless, not drunk. The couple nearby our table was NOT amused. Like I did it on purpose. Bummer, Sette doesn't take reservations. I just called.
  13. I don't understand the notion that those with reservations bumped due to the fire are "owed" anything. And yes, I realize that plenty of people scheduled trips from elsewhere to eat at Per Se. But the bottom line is that the restaurant is closed due to circumstances beyond their control. I'm sure everyone on the restaurant side would much rather be serving you food than sitting on their behinds right now. Just my two cents. Take it for what it's worth.
  14. Thanks, I wasn't aware of that feature. But a snicker...did you see their featured restaurants? As if Cheesecake Factory and Outback need any more plugs.
  15. Less than four months until my next Rehoboth visit...
  16. THAT is the spot I was talking about - not Soba's on 1st. Is the 3rd Avenue place still open then? You had me scared...
  17. The menu looks good, and reasonably priced too.
  18. I neglected to mention that Ella's for happy hour wasn't nearly the nightmare that I thought it would be. There wasn't exactly an endless supply of free pizza, but what we got was reasonably tasty. I'm still Matchbox's biggest fan though and would choose Matchbox over Ella's any day. But I won't cringe when someone suggests Ella's either. Surprisingly, it wasn't all that crowded on Thursday after work. There were people; it wasn't deserted or anything. But it wasn't a zoo either.
  19. What are the prices like at Black's? Do they have a web site?
  20. I'll be dining out in Bethesda tomorrow night with a friend who's working there for the week. Not sure where yet, but I wouldn't be disappointed if she picked Mon Ami Gabi, chain or not, as it was pretty good on my last visit. My food karma has been bad lately though...post Benihana, I had to have lunch at *gasp* the Cheesecake Factory/Tyson's. Mom was in town and that was where her old friend chose saying "I've heard great things." I suffered through as much of my bacon cheeseburger as I could, but was put off by the sheer size of it. Seriously, it must have been a whole 1/2 of beef. Given my appetite of late, I barely put a dent in it. I'm kind of bored with Jaleo so I don't plan to suggest it. My friends and I spend more time in the Glover Park Austin Grill than I care to admit so I can't see us going to the Bethesda outpost. Waiting to hear what types of food visiting friend prefers.
  21. Me, too! Iced coffee drinks all year round. Not so much on the crack of dawn thing, though. alacarte I'm really enjoying your blog and looking forward to the rest of it. I'm a goyisher guy who's fascinated with kashrut and kosher cuisine. Cheers, Squeat Me three! Grande iced skim latte most of the time. I am supposed to try to get it half-caf (doctor's orders!), but so far, creating that new habit has been a huge failure.
  22. My mother visited this weekend and brought me two six packs.
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