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  1. On the other hand, wasn't that large corner space in Dupont (across from Ruth's Chris) supposed to be a restaurant? I walked by recently and saw a For Rent sign.
  2. Ah, bummer! It's veg only. Although I like things like samosas and most dishes with paneer, I don't really desire to have a completely vegetarian meal. I know others will disagree though.
  3. Heritage in Glover used to have awesome lamb samosas. I wonder why they removed them from the menu. But to be honest, ever since Indique opened, I go there nine times out of ten over Heritage India. Recognizing that it's not an apples to apples comparison, I like the atmosphere, service, cocktails, presentations - all of it - better at Indique. Heritage India's food is great, but I could do without the unfriendly service and hardcore sales pitch.
  4. I have to tell you honestly, as a former sorority girl, I can't imagine chili going over well at all. I personally like chili, but when I lived in, probably half the girls were vegetarians (or just eating disordered). Also, this IS the Atkins era. College-age girls tend to be very cognizant of whatever food fads are going around. Potatoes? Can't picture 'em being really popular. Instead, I'd think grilled (but flavorful) chicken, fish, etc. Sorry to be the naysayer...
  5. Fondue. I realize that it would be hard to execute without buying a lot of individual pots so... let me think back to my own sorority days... Maybe an Asian theme? Hot and sour soup, California rolls, some other (non-veggie) rolls, a teriyaki dish for those who don't like sushi.
  6. Incidentally there was a paste-eater in my kindergarten class. I wonder whatever happened to him (disappointingly, a google search of his name turned up zilch).
  7. This is known as trichotillomania. Even when I was studying psych in college, I had a hard time getting my brain around this one. When I was a kid, I liked...oh this is gross. I can't believe I'm about to admit this. Frozen hotdogs. Not cooked. I can't believe my mother let me do this (both for safety and also for how it must have looked to see a little girl gnawing on a frozen weiner).
  8. Risotto seems to be one of the few things I can't mess up in the kitchen. I make it probably three or four times per month, most often with prosciutto or pancetta. What are your favorite variations? I'm looking for new ideas so I don't get sick of the stuff.
  9. Re: Mongomery's Grill, I think that was mentioned on Tom's last chat. Definitely closed. My friends and I ended up at Mon Ami Gabi Saturday night. Yes, a mini-chain but because we waited until too late to make a reservation, pretty much everywhere else was booked. There were three of us eating on the early side (7 pm) and we tried Persimmon, Grapeseed and Heritage India - they all offered 10 pm seatings. Yikes! Mon Ami Gabi turned out to be more than fine. We experienced very friendly and unrushed service in spite of the place being packed. My friends had the salmon which they raved about. I had steak Roquefort which I loved. It came with frites - they were good, but what I really enjoyed were the potatoes Dauphinois which we ordered to share. For dessert, the ubiquitous (yet tasty) flourless chocolate cake. With one glass of wine each (nothing spectacular, but drinkable), we paid about $30/32 per person. Their valet parking process would probably be the only flaw in the night. Horribly understaffed so there was a longer wait than I've ever experienced with a valet situation.
  10. Cornell has a dairy too, but it's better known around campus for its ice cream than its cheese.
  11. Thanks--it's closer anyway. Of course, when I say "breakfast" I mean a bacon cheeseburger deluxe at 11 AM--for early mornings there will be a spread in the hospitality suite and hopefully a coffeemaker in my hotel room. Anyone know of a quick takeout place near the convention center? Both for myself and the breakdown crew--something communal like a bucket o' chicken so I don't have to take everyone's order works well. It's funny how different my food experiences will be from slbunge's. Eating during a convention becomes somewhat of an obsession. If I were on vacation, I would never eat, say, at the convention center, but I also wouldn't be able to afford meals at some of the best places in town. I try to balance need vs. want and most of all find myself craving the divey-est places where normal people go. I like to get a breath of fresh air in the literal and figurative sense. I don't know how many times I've trudged along for blocks looking for a place to eat and ended up in the hotel with another Marriottburger. God, I hate that smoked bacon and those individual ketchups. I'm considering writing The Misanthrope's Guide to Business Travel. How do you feel about their cornflake encrusted french toast for breakfast? I feel like most of my longer business trips have involved Marriotts so when you mentioned the tiny ketchups, I shuddered at the memory.
  12. Meaning at Jaleo? Thanks for the heads up! Regarding the latter part of your comment - I've been to both and although I've heard that downtown is better, for the dishes I order, I didn't notice much difference. We'll probably try somewhere new to us anyway.
  13. Is Persimmon's menu available online anywhere? I found Grapeseed's menu A college friend is coming to town and will be staying in College Park. We chose Bethesda as the meeting-up spot for dinner on Sunday night. Last time she was here, we went to Jaleo and she enjoyed it so a return is possible.
  14. Are you kidding. Anyone who thinks apartments are worse in SF has never been to NY. I had a 1400 sq ft duplex, 2 bedroom, with 2.5 baths, roof deck, parking for a car & motorcycle, laundry in the unit, and a huge kitchen. For $2375. In New York, it would have been $4K easy. Sounds like your happier here already. Well, at least the weather is better here in NY at this time of year. Honestly now, what drugs were you taking, to move you here, from there? Forgo the kitchen stuff, and eat out as much as you would like. We certainly have an array of choices. Again, Welcome to NY. woodburner Excellent advice because I would hate to see woodburner's face after the first NY grocery store trip. woodburner: "the rest of the aisles are where? in the basement?" [inspired by Food Emporium - 3rd Ave/68th or 69th Street] woodburner: "what do you mean my grocery cart won't fit through the checkout aisle?" [inspired by my old Gramercy Park supermarket and many more I am sure]
  15. McShotglass McSlingshot (to aim at the boss) McCondom (none of your business)
  16. I have eaten there about 100 times (note: mostly on an expense account) and always liked it a lot. But it sounds like I'm in the minority. PS I saw a famous face there just about every visit, HOWEVER it was, without fail, someone random. Example: Florence Henderson.
  17. If you're in a bind for the steak and Guinness, Chop House wouldn't be a terrible option. Convenient location, the food's decent and they have happy hour drink specials daily.
  18. I would narrow the list by cutting Childe Harold. BdC is fun and tasty. Kozy Korner? Where's that?
  19. I have to be honest here: I'm surprised people are still giving Mie n Yu a shot. The reviews have been uniformly awful and word of mouth has been worse.
  20. We are talking about store-bought here. I have Whole Foods brand (in a box) and some of the canned variety (which I dumped after the curry incident). Although I'm enjoying learning to cook a little, I don't [yet] have any interest in making my own stock. Sacreligious around these parts probably, I know, but too bad.
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