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  1. The Melrose Hotel (which is different than Melrose at the Park Hyatt) also serves a lovely brunch. It's three courses for about $20, I believe.
  2. You have clearly done your research! For Zaytinya, I recommend printing the thread dedicated to that spot so when you see the huge menu, you won't feel overwhelmed. IMHO a primer makes this spot go from good to great. As I mentioned on the Zaytinya thread, I liked the place after a visit or two, but didn't really get the fuss. But then...suggestions...informed ordering...bingo! Incredible meals. At Matchbox, I recommend trying to sit on the third level (unless anyone in your party has trouble with stairs). I find it to be the coziest part of the restaurant. 2nd level is a little busy. Bar level is attractive, but if it's cold outside (and it sure has been), it's very drafty by the bar. When at the Spy Museum, don't be tempted by the attractive Zola (unless you get a cocktail and nothing else). It's just not worth it. I'm trying to think of something new to add, but you did a really great job with your itinerary.
  3. Jenny, My initial thought was that your chicken stock had turned. Almost got fired from a kitchen job for not checking the stock before putting it on the line for sauces. Many years since my last restaurant job, I still taste EVERY liquid in the kitchen before using. Since the bitterness died down when you added more, not that. My next culprit would be the curry powder. How old is it and what are its storage conditions? The stock (although not old) IS a possibility - I used two different sources. Neither are older than two or three weeks. Is that reasonable? The curry was bought a day before.
  4. I'm in a highrise (well, by DC's standards anyway). Balconies, but no grills allowed.
  5. Grill? What grill? PLM has a grill, but I'm not allowed to touch it.
  6. <sound of crickets chirping> It's kinda quiet out there tonight! Made the curry. I was excited as I did the prep, feeling like I might be getting more comfortable in the kitchen...but the end result was just ok. As the chicken simmered, I tasted the curry and was like "bleeech!!!" It was more bitter than any curry dish I've ever eaten in a restaurant, that's for sure. I added more chicken stock to try to dilute it a little and that helped, but it still wasn't a dish I'd be dying to make again.
  7. I'm thinking of making Martha's chicken curry according to the recipe Cleo posted. One question though: is Indian curry yellow curry? I have that. And shockingly enough, I have everything else the recipe calls for. This is unheard of.
  8. And worst of all: it's NOT cheap.
  9. NOT that I frequent the places (except when my young cousins were in town and I wanted to try to freak them out a little), but NYC's Jekyll and Hyde minichain has hidden bathroom doors. In the Greenwich Village location, the hallways is made to look like library shelves. The door is unmarked [a reasonably subtle sign hangs up high - most people miss it completely]. Once you figure out that you are, in fact, in the right general vicinity, you have to push on the wall, and again, and again...until you find it. When drinking a few pints at the bar, it's best to leave for the bathroom slightly before you really need to.
  10. Got room for one more? [Relatively] young, [relatively] nubile. What did you do before cooking (career-wise)?
  11. PANEER! How could I have forgotten paneer? Soba, good one. Yum. Paneer. And did I mention my love of bufala mozzarella? Divine.
  12. Finding an interesting lunch often gives me so much agita that I eat really boring stuff like granola and yogurt. Go fish The short answer is soup from High Noon (vegetarian corn chowder and chicken with white bean are my two favorites) or leftovers. But a girl gets bored. And this girl doesn't eat salad.
  13. Oooh, the pressure! I don't know if I can take it. I have an offer of a loaner so I can try before I buy. Still bitterly cold here in DC so I'm thinking short ribs (but, as always, consider me a human suggestion box).
  14. Wonderful blog, Gerhard! How did your interest in (and skill with) food develop? When did you first begin cooking in earnest?
  15. For two years, I lived in an apartment on PAS facing 20th Street. Of course I was 21 and 22, broke and thus could not afford to eat in any of the lovely restaurants nearby! Fortunately when I lived on Cornelia Street, my finances had caught up with my tastes, more or less. Although Mario Batali had moved on from Po by that time, I still enjoyed eating there with great frequency.
  16. The idea of having to engage in this whole seasoning process is scary to a neophyte like myself...
  17. Recently I've been chowing down on a hunk of Boro Market Stilton (also purchased at Whole Foods). I love it! Tastes great alone. Or with salami. Or mixed in with pasta. Yum.
  18. Funny. I wonder how Wilfrid's move panned out. Looks like he (Wilfrid = he, right?) is inactive now.
  19. No bells! I promise. JU shall remain single (for now). The cake stand was a gift from PLM last year. Oddest gift I ever received from a man. How he presented it is an even longer story (but probably uninteresting to the group).
  20. This is GREAT advice. I live near quite a few discounters (including TJ Maxx) and never would have thought to look there. Thanks!
  21. It's the CHEESIEST. Yum, I <heart> cheese although as anyone who has talked with me knows, I grew up not eating ANY cheese other than white American (and only when it was completely melted). Now? Bring on the Gorgonzola...Stilton...Havarti...Gouda...Goat (lots of Goat)... anything with sheep's milk. Just hold the damn Swiss.
  22. You are hilarious. What is even funnier is that you said that w/o hearing the story of the cake stand. Non-stick worries me though. I think I'm jinxed in that regard as I have ruined non-stick pans as quickly as two or three cooking attempts in!
  23. They don't joke about that place as "Dormandie" for nothin'. For a lot of people, it's their first time living away from home. Sheesh that's scary.
  24. I once discovered my drunk, male (and this is critical to the story) roommate doing something unmentionable in the kitchen sink. In spite of much scrubbing on his part, I didn't use that sink for the remainder of the time we lived there together.
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