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  1. What a timely post as I was at 2 Amys for lunch yesterday. I thought we had arrived early enough to avoid the bulk of the lunch crowd, but...ha! It was a zoo. There were only two of us so we got a table after just five minutes, but the waiting crowd in that runway by the door kept spilling over to the point where we felt like we had company at the table. But the food was just as good as ever. We started with the supli (yum!). I generally prefer them with some marinara sauce for dipping, however our harried waitress couldn't get around to it. Then we shared a 2 Amy's with pepperoni and salami. So good. No time for dessert yesterday.
  2. I used to LOVE their pizza bagels. I knew they were gross but after a few (ok, seven or eight) pints of Guinnes at Swift, it was just what I needed.
  3. Of course you wouldn't! PS LOVE your web site! It's so...subversive and original, as if you are your generation's Bret Easton Ellis. PM me when you get to the part about hookers.
  4. I have heard about one place you might like. Veeeeeerrrry exclusive. No reservations. Post-modern decor with lots of steel and light wood, somewhat industrial looking. Small menu with only a handful of options. Everything is made to your exact specifications though. Once you order, it won't take long to get your food, but sometimes upon arrival...it's like "shoot, this might take awhile" the place is so packed. People don't go there for the wines - all they offer is beer actually, and one carefully selected cocktail. The place is called.... I don't know...should I share this secret? Hmm.... OK, I'll tell you. It's Chipotle. You'll love it.
  5. Tom says Ardeo has the warm red wine problem but he liked most of the food.
  6. How I could go for one of those right now... Any PA folks (Rich Pawlak, where are you??) on the board today? I think 50/50 is native to Pennsylvania, but I could be wrong there. The company that makes 50/50 also puts out orange soda, cream soda and grape soda. But 50/50 was definitely my favorite.
  7. MAAAANNNN, I must have overlooked this thread last fall.
  8. I'm heading to Ella's tonight. I've been there once before (for lunch - wasn't all that impressed) but never for happy hour and I'm kind of dreading it. Because of the cheap drinks and free pizza, I am expecting a mob scene. But tonight I am the attendee and not the planner so I have to try not to sulk.
  9. This is so embarassing to admit because I usually am quick with wordplay and such, but... I didn't get the pun of the name until two days ago.
  10. DAAAAMMMNNNN... Seriously, the highlight of the last seven days was getting the best haircut of my life. I guess having the support of my friends and family as I go through the end of a two year relationship counts, but the haircut has been the only thing that made me smile. Call me shallow if you like. Right now, I couldn't care less. In response, JPW, the Benihana debacle was Saturday, right in the middle of my "weekend of contemplation." Great timing, huh? Here I am, having to face 1. my good college friend (who, after years of awful relationships is happily married and seven months pregnant), 2. her sister the bride (also blissfully happy and about to get married) and, 3. a woman I met at the pregnant one's wedding which I attended solo due to probs with PLM (the now-ex). Today is my Friday because I took tomorrow as a mental health day. My mother is coming to visit for one night (it was planned pre-break-up) so I need to clean my apartment. Although my friends consider me the neat freak of the bunch, my mother would beg to differ. Tomorrow you'll find me scrubbing the bathtub. Glamorous life I lead, no? But Saturday is full of spa treatments so there is light at the end of this tunnel.
  11. If you EVER get sick of your divine chef-in-residence, I think I can make room for him here in DC. Awesome looking meal and a very nice collaboration, you two!
  12. When I was a young gal of 21 and 22 and living on my own for the first time, I reveled in the opportunity to sample whatever NYC restaurants my tiny budget would allow. My friends and I dabbled in new cuisines, attended as many private functions (with free food and drink) at swank hot spots and generally avoided setting foot in our own kitchens as much as possible. But once in awhile, my friend Staci and I headed to Benihana on 55th Street in Manhattan for a lunch of chicken fried rice and soup (much cheaper than entrees). Teppanyaki had been our respective introductions to Japanese food during our teens in small towns without much ethnic food options so it was fun for us to go back for the flaming grill trick every once in awhile. Fast forward a few years. I'm older, living in DC, way over Benihana (although I still like Kyoto) and invited to a pre-wedding dinner (similar to a bachelorette party without most of the embarassing party favors) hosted by the bride-to-be's sister who lives in Atlanta. She picks Benihana. Benihana in the Georgetown Mall to be exact. In the subterranean food court to be even more specific. My immediate thought? "On a Saturday night?? Waaaaaah!" but my subtle suggestions to go elsewhere went unheeded so last Saturday found me going underground. The moon was full - very full - and I drove to Georgetown with a sense of foreboding. I should have turned around and gone home, really I should have. Upon arrival, I stood with 10-12 other girls, most of them strangers, waiting to be seated. Finally, an Asian woman walked up to Emily and started saying "one table of eight is ready...blah, blah, blah." I turned to her and asked "do you validate parking?" and she just looked at me. Turns out she's one of Emily's friend, not a Benihana employee. Nice way to start the evening. I started to explain that I am one of the more culturally sensitive people around, but then I decided to just shut up. Our group was split into two parties and not seated near each other (a bummer, but to be expected). My gang was immediately thrown menus by our motormouth 60ish Japanese waitress on speed, Yoko. We were given approximately thirty seconds to order drinks and entrees and for anyone who was undecided, she pushed pina coladas and the "Rocky's Special" of steak and chicken. After the typical tiny salad of iceburg, shredded carrots and the weird ginger dressing, we were given the routine broth with scallions and mushrooms. Unfortunately, as Yoko cleared, she spilled soup on me and subsequently freaked. Then she said "you moved!! Not my fault!!" I consoled myself with the fact that the soup was clear. The rest of the food, sadly, wasn't even as good as I remembered. I enjoyed the rice (after a few glugs of soy sauce; on its own, it was woefully underseasoned) enough, but the Rocky's Special most of us had (thanks Yoko) was extremely blah, even after dunks in the sauces provided. Because we were celebrating a special occasion, we received a complimentary dessert of one scoop of vanilla ice cream and another of raspberry sorbet (the raspberry wasn't bad). But then...the staff came to commemorate our special event. Yoko started shouting "ready for a CELEBRATION? Huh? CELEBRATION!" Imagine this sweet-looking almost-Grandmotherly woman banging on a snare drum, singing in Japanese with the support of a few busboys. If any of you are fans of ESPN Page 2's Sports Guy, you'll recognize this as being oh-so-high on the unintentional comedy scale. I couldn't wait to get out of there. Shortly before 9, Yoko warned us that if we needed to get our parking validated, now was the time because the mall closed at nine. One friend and I heeded her suggestion and as we walked through the bar area, disaster struck. Picture this: a random guy takes a few steps backward, gets tangled in my feet and I go FLYING, almost landing face first. Stunned, I looked up at him and he said "you should have watched where you were going." And no, he didn't offer me a hand to help me up. It was just that kind of night. Long post...well, longer, I won't be going back. Not if I can help it.
  13. JennyUptown


    This link no longer works. Anyone else have a recipe to share? I'd like something simple and perhaps a little spicy.
  14. I am not sure how to use the quote function, so I am trying. I actually found Chipotle in Washington DC (I travel quite a bit for work and have over the years). At first, I attempted to dismiss it as a "Subway for burritos," but have since seen the error of my ways. I actually enjoy Chipotle quite a bit. I am partial to the Chicken Fajita Burrito, but can do barbacoa or their Niman Ranch Pork as well. I actually LOVE the rice in the burrito (and it's got a kick of cilantro and lime). I opt for the "hot" sauce. Their ingredients are pretty fresh and the quality is yummy. They are BIG. I can eat a whole one though. On the subject of burritos and Washington DC, Washington also has another chain Tex-Met/burrito place I like - Baja Fresh. Have any of you been to one. They have NO freezers and everything is very, very fresh. I generally perferred Chipotle to Baja Fresh. I use the past tense due to watching sodium attached to moderate hypertension. A typical Chipotle burrito has about 2500 mg of Sodium (pretty much 100% RDA) I had to e-mail them for the nutrition info as it was not on web site. However, they were quite nice electronically. The reply (with attached nutritional info) said straight out "We use a lot of sodium. Sorry, Our burritos are not for you" My poor pal JPW. We have a bit in common but not this - I actually have low blood pressure that seems to be dipping ever lower... QUICK, GET THIS GIRL A BURRITO!!
  15. Randomly... I am eating a McDonald's quarter-pounder with cheese and lots of ketchup right now. I know it is neither good nor good for me, but man...it sure tastes fine. It was the only thing my recently appetite-lacking self wanted so for now, I couldn't give a damn about anything else.
  16. Gracias for the well wishes begerka and Pan. It has killed my appetite (well, that has been gone for more than two months due to The Troubles), but I know my love of food will return and the ten or so pounds I have lost will return. If nothing else good came of the relationship, it was PLM who encouraged me to conquer my fear of the kitchen and try to cook. b - that pasta Sam made looked incredible! I'll be having martinis with Mom at Indique (DC) this weekend after our spa day.
  17. I'm suffering from this too. I think I need a vacation. Grouches 'R' Us
  18. Burned or not, I sure wish Matchbox delivered. I could go for a good lunch today. Mmm...mini-burgers!
  19. I think this has very little to do with "wanting to feel special." From a marketer's perspective... This is all about creating a market. Very similar to when products that don't actually go bad suddenly get "freshness dating." Anything to make you need more of a product and more frequently. Instead of just being able to choose between vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, suddenly it's "hubby likes Chocolate Fudge Brownie and so do I, but I'd rather One Sweet Whirled so I'll just buy both." Just my two cents.
  20. The ever-quotable tanabutler (this is good, but not nearly as good as the smells like happy underpants line)... I'm with you in the mac-and-cheese club, but I can't sing (I'm oh-so-serious there) and really can't cook (you should see the disaster - aka French Apple Cake - that has been sitting on my stove waiting to be chucked for two days). The rest... Other comforts... an oversized glass of red wine... edamame... bananas (they are what I eat when I'm so emotional that my appetite for anything else is gone)... chocolate.
  21. Hubby and I too! Add yet another one, as Mrs. JPW and I share an employer. However, we keep different schedules by about an hour and our offices are about 150 yards and 2 floors apart, so we rarely see each other out side of the occasional lunch. JPW, you stole just about all of my words about PLM (see blog for translation) except for that none of my story is relevant because I broke up with him yesterday ).
  22. Uhhh, thanks for sharing. Now, for the dumpling lovers...continue!
  23. Clearly you missed my blog that discussed - at length - my shortcomings in the kitchen.
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