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  1. JennyUptown

    Hansen's Sno Bliz

    Sounds like a great bit of local color. Where is it exactly (either the address so I can map it or a description of where on Tchoupitoulas in relation to the CBD)? Thanks!
  2. Both are chains so...six of one, half a dozen of another.
  3. JennyUptown

    d.c. delivery

    I suspect Heritage India also delivers to that location. Spices too. Spices isn't perfect, but now that I live downtown, I miss it.
  4. JennyUptown

    In Gaithersburg on Business

    Do you have a car? Lots of ethnic eats in Rockville to the south.
  5. JennyUptown

    Fine dining in Greensboro, NC

    The people I'm meeting with work at 102 Jamz on National Service Road.
  6. JennyUptown

    Fine dining in Greensboro, NC

    Hello all. I spend a good amount of time in Winston-Salem, but have yet to dine in Greensboro. I have the opportunity to pick a restaurant in Greensboro for a casual business lunch on Monday so I'd love your recommendations. My colleague is a pickier eater than me so anything too exotic is out. No sushi and Thai isn't my favorite.
  7. JennyUptown

    Trendy hipster bar in DC

    I would add Degrees at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown. Not sure what the crowd is like these days, but the fireplace is warm and the lighting sets a certain mood. I adore Proof, the restaurant, but there's not much room in the bar area. Hell, that might be what young hipster is seeking, but I felt I should throw that out there. Veritas is so happening that there's rarely elbow room there either. Still, I like the place.
  8. Oops, I just came across this question now. Last trip, I really enjoyed Herbsaint for lunch. I'd like to head back there this trip (I'm in New Orleans now), but boss just asked me to meet him for dinner in the Quarter. Tomorrow night, I'll be at the Hornets game so probably no dinner.
  9. Bump! Anything new up the pike? I'm meeting a business contact in Rockville for lunch next Friday and am looking for some good ideas so we don't end up at Houston's or similar. Not too fancy, not a dive either.
  10. JennyUptown

    Winston-Salem Update

    Never heard of it.
  11. JennyUptown

    Winston-Salem Update

    The owners of Sweet Potatoes have opened a second restaurant called the Cotton Mill. I'll be in town in a few weeks and hope to check it out.
  12. I think we'll be sticking with Manhattan. No Newark this trip.
  13. JennyUptown

    Shake Shack

    How long is long (re: the line)? I will be in town Sat-Wed and am thinking this could be a fun spot for lunch with my parents on Sunday.
  14. Any recent updates? I'm looking for a spot for a small birthday dinner. Something fun and it doesn't need to be a temple to food. Will be next Tuesday night. I used to enjoy Plataforma and Riodizio (RIP) when I lived in NYC many moons ago.