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  1. I am going to Aruba with friends at the end of the month for 8 days. Has anyone been recently & can recommend some good places to eat? We already have reservations at madame Janette's and El Gaucho. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I will be visiting Denver for the first time and would appreciate recommendations for some fine dining establisments. Thanks!!!
  3. overpriced, inconsistent and it basically blows! Anyone could cook better salmon, with a cock swirl, drizzled with a happy ending! Stay away from this one. For half your money you can eat three times as well for at least three times at a place even like BDC!
  4. I plead guilty as well!!! I am totally entertained and can't wait to watch next week. However, no one should take the content too seriously -- after all, it's just a TV show.
  5. Has anyone dined at 1789 recently? It's been about a year since I was last there and am going again this weekend. Any suggestions on what to get (besides Rack of Lamb)?
  6. If you happen to be in DC in the evening do to Hank's Oyster Bar for their crab cake!!! Very decent especially when you combine with a half bottle of Sancere & get your fry on with some popcorn shrimp & calamari and of course some fries with bay seasoning!
  7. isn't that illegal?? but yeah. . if i remember correctly, govt. won't allow the sale of cheese that is aged less than 60 days, unless it's been pasteurized, or something like that. ← Age has nothing to do with it -- cheeses can still be imported and aged/finish aging here... Working a lot with U.S. Customs on the import and export of some really deadly materials (not for the PC hordes), allow me to explain a little about food.... Almost all food (save for certain fruits and vegetables from certain countries due to pesticide applications) can be be brought into the U.S. provided the manufacturer and/or exporter's facility in the country of origin is vetted by USDA inspectors and/or customs. For example, curers and distributors of proscuitto di Parma in Italy are certified by our guys to export to the U.S. (they have had their production process and storage/handling facilities inspected). U.S. auhorities will inspect businesses that import food but obviously have not the time or resources to deal with every carrying individual on their way home from vacation or a business trip. Of course anything "cooked" or processed like smoked salmon and pasturized cheese (yes pasteurization is a process) can be brought in by indivuals.
  8. Joe -- as you mentioned, each Fresh Fields is slightly different from the others. I guess you are just plain lucky with Vienna (i.e., good staff and management). Now that i know, I'll make the effort to go out there.
  9. I have heard of and used diplomatic couriers in my line of work. But you are a cheese courier... and a trailblaizer in this regard. Now much for an Epoisse for me?????
  10. That certainly does reflect one popular vision of manhood, gustatory or otherwise! ← Reminds me a lot of that place Archbishop's or whatever it's called over on K Street... ← Archibald's, K street between 15th & 16th, south side of the street, middle of the block. ← That place has been there for years. It was there when I moved here in 1976. The upstairs and downstairs keep changing names. Archibald's is street level. ← I seem to remember, years ago, my friends and I heading to the Comedy club on the upper level. We erroneously entered on the street level. Needless to say our entertainment was not "stand-up" comedy but stand-up dancing!!!
  11. Correct. No corkage. But do not despair... Michael selects excellent wines and is very modest with his prices. Cheers! ← I must say however, that I need to change my status to an "egullible" member, not egullet. Someone mentioned earlier that you can ask for an unfinished bottle of wine in VA to be resealed and take it to go in a bag. I actually asked for that last night and felt VERY silly when I was told no (my own fault, not in any way shape or form did I feel silly because of the staff!). Oh well, if I weren't trusting, I would never have had the hanger steak! ← Unless the laws have changed in the last 12 months or so, you are allowed in VA to take out/home unfinished wine from a restaurant -- I have done so several times at establishments in Alexandria (Echo Cafe) and Leesburg (Tuscarora Mill). I was told at one of these places (forget which one) that in order to comply with VA laws, the restaurant must depress the cork at least two-thirds back in the bottle and place it in a bag or container so that it's not visible.
  12. Correct. No corkage. But do not despair... Michael selects excellent wines and is very modest with his prices. Cheers!
  13. The Rack of Lamb is 1789's signature dish and should not be missed. Be sure to order it Hannibal Lecter style or, at least medium rare! Wash down with a nice Oregon Pinot Noir and you are in business. I am so glad to see 1789 Restaurant getting the credit it deserves. It has been one of my all time favourite DC restaurants for 18 years and still counting. The reasons: 1) The staff has always been thoroughly knowledgeable about the food and wine. 2) The food is superlative! The wine list is excellent. 3) Despite the dress code (jackets required), there is simply not a shred of arrogance or pretension about this place. If fact, you are made to feel genuinely welcome and treated so well throughout the experience that you can easily "forgive and forget" in the far fetched (and I really do mean far fetched) case should your food or order be off.
  14. Then fall off the damn thing. There's no carbs in decent scotch. Well known fact. ← Not just yet -- but I hear you loud and clear on the scotch. If I couldn't have that I'd have to cause someone's death, with pain.
  15. I'm glad you had a great time at BDC. One note of caution -- you and your liver should be in full fighting form to make most of this fine establishment. You cannot run a marathon the first day you decide to get in shape!!!!! Build up!!!
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