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Trip Planning to France

John Talbott

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Trip Planning to France

A compendium of existing threads

This is one of a series of compendia that seeks to provide information available in prior threads on eGullet. Please feel free to add links to additional threads or posts or to add suggestions.

2 days in Paris at Spring break

2 week driving trip

9 days in Paris

3 days over a weekend, January 2007

Feb 2007 trip

December 2006 trip

Another first trip

First trip in ages

First trip: 3 stars

October visit

Upcoming Trip in 2005

Son’s first visit

Second trip; what region

2004 visit

40th Birthday trip

Business trip

Two day trip out of Paris

Planning a trip

Urgent advice; 2 week trip

Trip 2001

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John Talbott

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