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David J.

Advanced Chocolate Class with Jean-Pierre Wybauw

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Thanks you. I had to register just to say that this is the greatest post of all time.

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Thanks you.  I had to register just to say that this is the greatest post of all time.

Welcome ej, great place for a first post. Are you into chocolate in a big way?

HI Kerry

It is a hobby for me. Enough to where I got one of those table-top tempers and an airbrush to recreate what I saw in a Norman Love demo in an old Pastry Arts and Design article. Not enough to sell them or anything. David's report really does reinforce all the lessons JPW tries to teach in his book.

This is a great forum. Thanks to everybody who has posted. You've all helped me a lot already. All of the problems I've had - difficulty in sealing molds, differences in chocolate viscosity (which David answered, I had no idea about the different Callebauts) - I"ve seen discussed on this forum already.

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    • By markg109
      Hi All,
      I am an artist ( oil and pastels) by trade so the coloring of artisan chocolates really appeals to me. I was wondering if I could make my own colored cocoa butter using oil candy colors and cocoa butter, or is there more involved.
      Also, if I add the oil candy color to white chocolate will it affect the temper?
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      Hi there, I’m looking for some interesting flavours for truffles. Any combination of filling and coating ideas? For lemon, dark ganache, orange and caramel example. 
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      I am doing some spring cleaning and am selling some of my used polycarbonate molds. I've attached pictures and dimensions below.  The mold prices do not include shipping fee. I will ship these via USPS priority mail. 
      For estimation purposes only, 4 - 5 molds can fit in a medium box and it costs $15.05 to ship. Please let me know if you have any questions.  
      Thank you. 
      Charlotte W. 

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      Hello everyone!
      I was wondering if anyone could help me out with these design attached?
      I manage to make it on the table somehow and then when trying it into the mould it just doesnt work  
      Any tips on this ?
      Thank you!!

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