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Japanese grills and charcoals


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What is the charcoal used in good traditional nabemono restaurants? I've never noticed a ventilation system.

Also, what is the fuel used in the tabletop braziers?

Could you be more specific? I tried to answer your questions, but I can't be sure what you are talking about.

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Then again, traditional Japanese houses might be drafty enough not to need additional ventilation  :raz:

It's quite true. It's very dangerous to use a shichirin in a comtemporary, more airtight Japanese house. Some people don't know this, resulting in fatal accidents.

A chunk of solid fuel was lit under the paper bowl, and when the soup was just cooked, the fuel ran out on its own. The water in the bowl kept the paper from burning. I assume this is kokei nenryou, some kind of solid sterno?

I was referring to products like this. I don't know anything about sterno. I hope torakris or someone else answers your question.

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