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Favorite Guest Chefs - besides me of course

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While doing Primetime was there ever anyone that absolutely floored you with their food? I remember watching Eric Ripert make a beautiful crab salad with a yellow tomato vinaigrette that was so beautiful & elegant yet simple. Was there another chef whose food really rings a bell.

On another note I have to tell you that I was so incredibly nervous before going on Primetime. I had already done Ready, Set, Cook but that was akin to being on Family Feud. Very fun yet chaotic. Before my Primetime appearances I was petrified! Live TV, next to Sara Moulton...Yikes! My heart was pounding like a teenager on his first date. In the green room you walked right up to me, called me by my first name, told me to relax, be myself and just have a good time. Exactly what my wife told me before I got on the plane. I was quite flattered that you would take the time to introduce yourself and you were so gracious on the set that you were able to make even me look good.

John Malik


33 Liberty Restaurant

Greenville, SC


Customer at the carving station: "Pardon me but is that roast beef rare?"

Apprentice Cook Malik: "No sir! There's plenty more in the kitchen!"

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You were a great guest. I didn't really know you were so nervous!! I bet you aren't anymore when you are on tv.

That was a wild and crazy 8 months, "Cooking Live Primetime," and it some ways it is a blur. We had on 3 guests a night, made 3 to 4 recipes, in the early days we were supposed to be drinking and having fun, in the later days we were supposed to be stone cold sober but have drinks under the counter to keep us relaxed. I had many great chefs on but it was so rushed I couldn't really focus on everything they were doing, not to mention I was still taking live calls and my producer was often talking in my ear while we were doing the show.

One cool moment I remember - when Tom Colicchio from Gramercy Tavern made corn soup and he used no thickener. The corn (duh, corn starch) thickened the soup. It was beautifully thickened with no flour.

Sara Moulton

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