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  1. Not exactly a consultant yet. Amy & I closed 33 in early October after suffering through the worst 5 months I have ever seen in the restaurant business, and I have been cooking for 25 years. We knew back in December of 2007 that 2008 would be off but no one predicted that the bottom would drop out. Our sales in the spring and summer were off 40% or more. Unfortunately when the economy went south the first ones hurt are those of us in the luxury business. The folks with restaurants in the mid range did not get hurt as bad as us with the high dollar price tag (and the funky locations!)
  2. Nope... However I should point out that Richard is a honest to goodness consultant as well as experienced Chef. His style of food is not something that you just decide to try one day. Plenty of specialized equipment and techniques to learn. ed.
  3. And that's what I found impressive about Richard Blais, he was very cool & confident. I promise that during these cooking segments that there may be a dozen people running around manning lights, cameras, mikes and such and there's at least one or two folks hollering "get a close up on Andrew! He's losing his cool!" and all of that can be incredibly intimadating. Heck Andrew even forgot how to make mayo! Richard, though...he is very comfortable with the whole thing and he is of course supremely talented. If my food had to be judged by Colicchio and the silky, sultry, stunning Padma....w
  4. AND THE NOMINEES ARE: The nominations for the 2008 James Beard Foundation awards are out and Atlanta’s nominees are: THE DINING ROOM at the Ritz Carlton Buckhead for Outstanding Restaurant of the Year;THE CHOCOLATE BAR’s Aaron Russell for Pastry Chef of the Year; Anne Quatrano (BACCHANALIA) for Outstanding Chef of the Year; Arnaud Berthelier (DINING ROOM), Linton Hopkins (RESTAURANT EUGENE), and Hector Santiago (PURA VIDA) for Best Chef Southeast; and Bob Amick (Concentrics Restaurants) for Restaurateur of the Year. Congratulations and good luck to all of you. Some goofball from Greenville SC
  5. Yeah Baby! I am gonna get my fill of ramps this year. Will hit the Asheville Farmers Market in about 3 weeks and load up. Pickled, sauteed, tempura fried.....
  6. Just hit me with a dead cat! Loved the story and coud almost smell the Porterhouse on the grill.....
  7. I hope that E Gullet gives you a fat retirement bonus and a gold Rolex...you deserve it! Now you can take that trip to Greenville..........
  8. You misunderstood. I wasn't talking about the recipe, I was talking about telling you all of the dishes from the movie. ← Got ya!
  9. Well, it isn't quite that simple BUT if you want Jason's take on the ratatouille, it is located HERE (hint: it isn't exactly as you've made it before) ← Not to brag but...yeah, it looks fairly easy Thanks for the menu FG. Dinner is on the 15th of November if you're in town...
  10. So I want to host a movie night (the DVD is out on November 2nd) at the restaurant and of course the movie will be "Ratatouille". We will cook the food of the movie and present it buffet style, however the problem is that I have not seen this movie and further more none of you guys have actually mentioned just what this rat cooks...so help me out here without fussing at me for not seeing this flick. And I know he cooks ratatouille so that's a no-brainer. So how about it...
  11. In order to sell wine at Total a wine producer must provide a "winery direct" label that only Total Wines can sell. So basically those "winery direct" labels are the second labels of all of those familiar wineries on the shelf at Total. None of those "winery direct" wineries actually exist. Sorry if I burst anyone's bubble....
  12. Just back from our 8 day sojourn to Rockland Maine and points beyond. Our first evening we dined in Portland at Vignola and had a delicious meal and fine service then drove off to Rockland and lobster roll heaven. The first day we took the ferry to Vinalhaven for some quarry swimming, bike riding and lobster rolls at the Harbor Gawker. The roll was lovely, the lobster meat was tossed in a touch of mayo, lemon juice, salt & paprika and served on a butter toasted top loading bun. This was the best roll we would have all week. The following days we had rolls at Miller's, (was that in Tho
  13. While I would never question the reporting skills of the esteemable chef from Greenville, S.C., I would point out this section from the KCBS rules, as posted on the society web site: "Sbowmanship and cooking are separate entities and will be judged as such. Specific information will be provided by a contest organizer if there is to be a showmanship award." In other words, there can be a showmanship category at a KCBS sanctioned event, but it is separate from the KCBS judging, which is meat-only. I believe that Tryon has included such awards in the past; I know it has included dressed-pig entri
  14. I have gone to Tryon 4 years in a row....just to sample though, not as a competitor. I will end up writing about the festival for 33's website. Tryon gets an average of 80 competition teams and I have found that most are very happy to chat, share BBQ, a chair or even a cold beer. If you see me there, just don't slow me down with idle chatter...there's too much great Q to sample With all due respect to the lovely and talented Kathleen Purvis, booth presentation is not part of the final judging criteria in a KCBS event (Tryon is a KCBS event), only in a Memphis in May sanctioned event. Stil
  15. Shaun Doty serves Sunday Brunch at Shaun's Social Club! I'm headed there....
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