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Can anyone point me to recruitment websites or anything related to finding employment as a Chef in Aus or NZ? All help and advice appreciated.




There's a user here under the name "The Chefs Office". I'd suggest that you find one of his posts and send him a PM.

He has a website (taken from his signature) with some info that you'll find useful:


Daniel Chan aka "Shinboners"
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Love the Avatar, Emma...

Yeah, tell us which cities you're thinking of prospecting in...

"Coffee and cigarettes... the breakfast of champions!"

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Hi Emma,

Not sure what type of restaurant work you are looking for. But my advice would be to buy the Sydney or Melbourne resturant guides when you get here and phone round the places that interest you. Many of the top restuarants dont actually advertise for staff in the papers,websites etc.

Good Luck

Robin Wickens


Interlude, Melbourne

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