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  1. Just tried Kroger's Private Selection Chicken Tikka Masala Ripple-Cut Kettle Chips. The spices overpower the potato flavor but I don't care. These are good.
  2. Here's a web archive link. https://web.archive.org/web/20201210062713if_/https://www.washingtonpost.com/food/2020/12/09/best-cookbooks-2020/
  3. Yep, I've had Opals. They're good. I haven't had them enough to know how consistent they are, but what I've had were good. Fujis and Honeycrisps have been my "go to" apples for consistency, but they've been hit and miss for me recently.
  4. In-N-Out fanaticism baffles me, too. It's a decent fast food burger, but it has no pull on me.
  5. Chimayo Joe

    Pasta shapes

    Never been a fan of farfalle, and more recently I've discovered I don't like trompetti. I like ridged tube shaped pastas, rigatoni probably being my favorite of those. Linguine is my long strand pasta of choice, but I like all of those pretty well including bucatini and angel hair.
  6. You know what you're doing. That looks great. Here's another recipe with youtube video. No garlic salt. Similar to your ingredients except it used ground chile instead of pods. https://santafeschoolofcooking.com/Recipes/Archived_Recipes/Carne_Adovada/
  7. This one? https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2012/12/carne-adovada-adobada-chili-braised-pork-recipe.html it looks like it would taste great but I wouldn't call that New Mexican carne adovada. Strange ingredients for New Mexican cooking which tends to be very simple. This recipe is what New Mexican carne adovada is: https://www.realfoodtraveler.com/carne-adovada-recipe-from-rancho-de-chimayo/
  8. Been to Mary & Tito's many times. It's been several years since I've been to Albuquerque. Mary & Tito's would be my first stop when I get back there.
  9. Carne adovada. That's my favorite New Mexican food of them all.
  10. I think I've only had Subway a couple of times years ago. Whatever the combination of odors that produces that stench, it's enough to keep me out of there.
  11. I tried it and was surprised the banana didn't get squished, but I'm not a convert. I'll stick with my own off-beat method.
  12. Not sure if this is wrong or not but i've had people comment about it. I peel a banana completely and discard the peel when I eat a banana. I don't do the classic peel part way, eat, peel more, eat until the banana is finished method.
  13. Is slice & bake cheating? I enjoy Pillsbury Chocolate Chip from time to time. For regular manufactured cookies, probably Oreos or Sandies. I don't buy a lot of cookies. More likely to buy brownie bites or mini-cinnamon rolls if i want something pre-made that's sweet, but it's hard for me to use up those kind of calories on anything but ice cream.
  14. I couldn't resist that one and had a dollar Kindle credit I had forgotten about. If you "Look Inside" the hard cover version, you can see the index.
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