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  1. I wonder if Amelia Schwartz is related to Arthur Schwartz (food critic & cookbook author.) I think he's from Brooklyn, too.
  2. That looks interesting. I've never used one that turns the soap into foam. I may have to give that a try.
  3. I've had enough dispensers fail that I stopped buying them. Now I just buy a bottle of liquid soap that has a pump and refill that. This one is holding up really well. That's not the scent mind had(mine was Ocean Breeze), but it's been refilled with other soaps so many times I can't even remember what Ocean Breeze smelled like. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Safeguard-Liquid-Hand-Soap-Nourishing-Notes-of-Lavender-15-5-oz/548555258?fulfillmentIntent=In-store&athbdg=L1102&from=/search
  4. I have three Microplane branded graters--the long skinny one, a paddle that's a bit coarser, and a ribbon grater. Which one I use just depends on what I'm grating. Here's another option. I have the fine version of this Good Cook grater. It has bi-directional teeth, and I like it as well as my Microplanes. They also make a coarser version. I got mine at my local Kroger affiliate for several dollars cheaper than what it's selling for on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Good-Cook-Fine-Zester-Grater/dp/B014RXUEV0/ref=sr_1_6?crid=FPTVKDWC0MBI&keywords=Good+cook+grater&qid=1704354431&sprefix=good+cook+grat%2Caps%2C544&sr=8-6 https://www.amazon.com/Good-Cook-Medium-Grater-Zester/dp/B06XDCY785/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=Good+cook+grater&qid=1704356622&sr=8-4
  5. Is this the venue? There's nothing scheduled for her on Dec. 13th which is the date mentioned in the Facebook post. https://greenhills.co/deceased-green-hills-la/ Tentative R.I.P. (but I'm hoping that's premature)
  6. I run into under-roasted cashews from time to time. A few seconds in the microwave fixes them.
  7. I somehow missed seeing this thread until today. Anna's posts were always worth reading. I'll miss her contributions to the forum. Rest in Peace.
  8. Mine is the drawer style. It just has a tray that fits inside the drawer instead of a basket that fits inside the drawer. One of the reasons I got it was that I figured it would be easier to clean. The tray is pretty easy to clean. I have to remember to remove the little rubber bumpers that secure the tray when I wash it because I've almost lost a bumper a couple of times when washing the tray. Removing them just takes a few seconds. Using parchment liners makes it even easier to clean. I usually make my own liners by cutting parchment paper to size, rolling it into a thin tube, flattening that, and using a hole punch on it, but I ran across some air fryer liners at Walmart recently and have been using those lately. They're too big for my air fryer, but fit okay if I cut about an inch off of one side, and that's quicker than making my own. The drawer has to be cleaned, too, but that's usually very easy. The design of mine is similar to the one in the photos.
  9. I haven't had much of Rao's frozen food, but I've had the lasagna, and it's about average for a frozen lasagna, certainly not worth the extra money you pay for something with the Rao's brand. I've had Rao's frozen pepperoni pizza which wasn't bad for a frozen pizza but was far too pricey for what it is. The only other frozen Rao's item I've had was mushroom risotto. I knew there was no chance that was going to work, but I tried it anyway. The flavor was okay, but the texture was sludge. BTW, Chef Ramsay's fish & chips were pretty bad. Heavily battered fish nuggets and dry flavorless chips.
  10. I'm having my first meal from Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay soon. I was surprised to see Chef Ramsay frozen entrees at Walmart last night. 😛 I wasn't aware he was doing that either. I'm not expecting Chef Ramsay's fish & chips to be any good, but I couldn't resist the purchase. I would not have expected him to put his name on that sort of thing.
  11. I'll probably watch it, at least some of it. I didn't even know it was being rebooted. Didn't know Bobby Flay was selling cat food until recently either.
  12. I'm not very fond of them. I will eat them if they are cut very small and thoroughly cooked. They're not so offensive to me that I can't pick them out of a dish and enjoy the food. I wonder how much of the dislike of green peppers is supertaster related. I don't like most bitter foods.
  13. I buy those occasionally. They're not very good, but I keep buying them anyway. Strange.
  14. Here are a few that I see in supermarkets (Walmart, local Kroger affiliate, Safeway.) I've had them and like them. El Yucateco Chipotle Gringo Bandito (Red) Pico Pica Hot Sauce Valentina Black Label Tapatio (Original) Cholula (Original) Cholula Chili Garlic Private Selection Mango Scotch Bonnet Cholula Chipotle El Yucateco XXXtra Hot Kutbil-ik de Nando's Peri-Peri Hot El Yucateco Habanero (Red) Marie Sharp's Habanero
  15. Which Alexia crinkle fries did you have? I like many Alexia products, but I haven't had their crinkle fries except for the sweet potato crinkles. The big supermarkets here don't have them. Sprouts appears to carry Alexia Garlic Fries (which are crinkles), and Natural Grocers appears to carry Organic Oven Crinkles and Smart Classics Crinkles (which are lower fat.) I don't go to those stores as often, but I'll pick up some Alexia crinkles next time I'm there.
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