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  1. I hadn’t been to Carl’s Jr. in years, but I watched a Good Mythical Morning YouTube video where Carl’s Jr. won their chicken tenders shootout. I don’t usually put much credence in those guys’ taste tests(or anything else), but that Carl’s Jr. beat out even the chicken places including Popeyes caused me to give Carl’s Jr. a try. Lo and behold, their chicken tenders are really good. I’m sure it helped that they cooked them to order while I was sitting in the drive-thru, but they were still really good when I got home half an hour later.
  2. I’ve made roux in Pyrex in the microwave a few times. It works, but I was always a little concerned about doing it. That would be like Cajun napalm.
  3. I have the non-ebook versions of Madison's vegetable soup book and Negrin's pasta sauce book. They're both well worth owning.
  4. Cotswold is a cheese similar to cheddar that has onions and chives in it. Do the onions and chives present any special hazard? I'm a bit of a paranoiac about botulism.
  5. I ran across this ribbon grater at Walmart. The blade pattern is very similar to a Microplane grater that I've been looking for. The cover was a bit of a pain to get to fit on it, but I thought it might be worth a try. I don't know if there's something seriously wrong with it or if Walmart is just trying to get rid of it or what, but it rang up as 40 cents! I haven't used it yet. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Mainstays-Blue-Grater/391187241
  6. I like Del Taco a little better than Taco Bell. I usually get a Del Beef burrito from there and add some extra cheddar when I get it home. Their street tacos pretty good but a bit pricey compared to my local taquerias. I haven't had a burger from there, but I have had their fries, and they are good. I've only had frozen supermarket White Castle sliders which I would hope are a poor imitation of the real thing because they aren't great.
  7. Chimayo Joe

    About pecorinos?

    I like Pecorino Calabrese a bit more than Pecorino Romano. It's like Romano lite--less pungent but still pretty salty. It had been a while since I've had Romano, but recently I'm finding that I even like that more than I used to. Not sure why that is, maybe some sort of lingering cheese phobia from childhood that I'm finally shaking off completely LOL. Not pecorino, but I've picked up a small amount of Ewephoria (aged sheep's milk gouda) to try. Like I said in my original post I know very little about cheeses, so this is a whole new world for me. I also liked the Piave(aged red label.) Much milder than Parm-Reg but still nice flavor. And I bought Liz Thorpe's The Book of Cheese which I think is going to be tremendously useful to me. Amazon has it for $22 ($40 retail hardcover.) It's a really nice book. https://www.amazon.com/Book-Cheese-Essential-Discovering-Cheeses/dp/1250063450/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Liz+thorpe&qid=1550275537&s=books&sr=1-1
  8. I haven't had fries from every place on that list, but I'd say it matches up fairly well with what I have had. I've only had fries from Five Guys once, but I'd put them at the top. Only had fries from In-N-Out a couple of times, and I'd put them near the bottom (I'd order them well-done if I'm ever there again.) I don't know why more places don't do crinkle cut fries. They can be very good. I agree with Toliver to skip the fries at Sonic and get tater tots instead. Wienerschnitzel is a guilty pleasure for me. Their fries aren't very good, but sometimes a chili cheese dog(or two) with onions from there is just what I want. The components are cheap but come together to produce something better than it should be.
  9. Chimayo Joe

    About pecorinos?

    Thanks for the info. I bought some Pecorino Calabrese tonight but haven't tried it yet. The supermarket also has Pecorino Tartufello which I understand to be a Toscano with black truffles that has only been aged a month. I'm sure I'll buy some of that sometime. I also bought some Piave (a fairly hard cow milk cheese I've never had.) I haven't tried that one yet either. I'm hoping it will be good grated over pasta. I'm mainly looking for cheeses to vary with Parmigiano-Reggiano (which I dearly love) in that role.
  10. I know very little about pecorinos(and cheeses generally.) Pecorino Romano is probably the only one I've ever had, and I can't say it's one of my favorite cheeses. How do some of the other pecorinos compare to Romano? I'm not sure what's available to me locally. I have seen Pecorino Calabrese in the supermarket. Would that be like Crotonese that's been aged longer? (Not that I have any idea what Crotonese tastes like, ha!)
  11. Actually, it hasn't been that long since I've had Ben & Jerry's. It slipped my mind that I tried their vegan Chocolate Fudge Brownie several months ago. It was okay for a vegan "ice cream." I haven't tried very many non-dairy ice creams, but I haven't run across any yet that I'd say are a great substitute for the real thing.
  12. Not a fan of cookie dough ice cream. I haven't had Ben & Jerry's in many years, but I'd probably buy some Rainforest Crunch if they brought that back.
  13. Yeah....that strikes me as a strange list. The individual books seem pretty good as far as I can tell, but if they're saying these are the top 25 books you really need then I take issue with that. (I only own one of them, but I've looked through several of the others page by page in the bookstores and borrowed some from the library.) Maybe "25 Cookbooks That Belong in Every Food Lover's Library If Your Library Has a Few Hundred Cookbooks in It".
  14. I've drifted away from habanero sauces over the past couple of years. I still use them but not as much as I used to. I haven't gotten into hot sauces enough to order them, so my favorites are just from what's available in the grocery stores here. My three favorites are produced in state, and that may be why I'm able find them in the stores here. Not sure how widely available they are. They're SaSo Red Pepper Chipotle, SaSo Chile Pequin, and Burns & McCoy Especia Roja. Rounding out my top ten are El Yucateco Chipotle(more like a really hot barbecue sauce than typical hot sauce), Gringo Bandito Red, Pico Pica Hot Sauce(unfortunately the stores here appear to have stopped carrying it), Valentina Black Label(my really low budget favorite), Tapatio, Cholula Original, and Cholula Chili Garlic.
  15. I eat a lot of oatmeal now, but my favorite cereals as a kid were Cap'n Crunch , Sugar Crisp, and Alphabits. i still occasionally buy Cap'n Crunch to eat dry as a snack.
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