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  1. Chimayo Joe

    Frozen Pizza

    I bought a couple of the croissant pizzas (pepperoni and 3-meat.) I've had half of the pepperoni. I usually break frozen pizzas in half and only cook half--wondering if anyone else does that. Anyway, the croissant crust is very different. I've never had a pizza like it, but it's not bad, something I'd probably buy again.
  2. Chimayo Joe

    Frozen Pizza

    Anyone tried DiGiorno Croissant Crust pizza? I think it's fairly new. I've looked for it a couple of times but haven't found any yet. I usually prefer very thin crust for frozen pizzas, but I want to give the croissant crust a try. .
  3. I had Nissin RAOH Miso yesterday. The RAOH noodles are better than the other instant ramens i've had. Like the other RAOH products i've had, the broth seems a bit diluted for my tastes. I didn't cut back on the amount of water the instructions called for since it was my first time to have the miso variety. Might have been too salty if i had cut back. Still, miso is another RAOH winner, so i'll edit my earlier post to add it to my list of favorites. Changing my verdict on the noodles in that post, too.
  4. Do try Nissin RAOH if you haven't already. I'm no ramen expert, so brucesw is probably right about the quality of noodles in those. My tastes run to spicier, but the RAOH products are some that i will definitely keep buying. I have a packet of RAOH Miso flavor in my kitchen cabinet which is the only variety i haven't tried that is available in the supermarkets here.
  5. I've had a little more than 30 varieties since i started posting on this thread. They've all just been what i've been able to find in the supermarkets or Walmart, nothing exotic. What i've liked best (pretty much in order) are: Indomie Mi Goreng Fried Noodle Indomie Barbeque Chicken Indomie Mi Goreng Hot & Spicy Nongshim Shin Black Noodle Soup Nongshim Shin Noodle Soup Sapporo Ichiban Chow Mein Nissin RAOH Soy Nissin RAOH Miso Nissin RAOH Umami Tonkotsu Naked Noodle Singapore Curry Sapporo Ichiban Original Nongshim Bowl Noodle Spicy Chicken Sapporo Ichiban Japanese Noodles Chicken Soup Nissin Top Ramen Chicken Nissin Top Ramen Oriental (Soy Sauce) Flavor Naked Noodle Thai Sweet Chilli Naked Noodle Thai Green Curry Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup Creamy Chicken Flavor I like Indomie but they're not soupy, so if I want soup I have to have something else. Nongshim Black is one of my favorites. I haven't tried the square pack. I guess i need to. Best quality of noodle I'd have to say Nissin RAOH. Runner-up, Sapporo Ichiban. Nissin RAOH is good but too diluted for my tastes so i use less water than the instructions call for. Naked Noodle has by far the worst quality noodles but some of the flavors they offer are different and pretty good. What i've liked least: Nongshim Pho Beef Flavor with Sriracha Naked Noodle Teriyaki Naked Noodle Chow Mein Maruchan Instant Lunch Roast Chicken Maruchan Instant Lunch Chicken Maruchan Instant Lunch Beef Annie Chun's Pho Pho is just so bad compared to the real thing. The flavors of those two varieties of Naked Noodle just aren't good enough to overcome the poor quality of noodle. There are several Maruchan products that I've liked better than those three.
  6. Sorry to hear that didn't work out. ATK is pretty reliable, often time-consuming but their recipes usually work. Sounds like they didn't account for real world conditions. If they're only good when they first come out of the oven, that's a problem. I still may give it a try, maybe play around with how long i let them bake.
  7. Not the worst on its own, but the green apple flavor they added to Skittles annoys me. It just clashes too much with the other Skittles. I'm feeling nitpicky today, I guess. LOL
  8. I ran across this on youtube a while ago. It's a method for oven fries from America's Test Kitchen's channel. I haven't tried it, but it looks promising. https://youtu.be/Al4LYwOKsxw
  9. I've used one for years with no complaints. It's like the one at the link except mine is white. I don't remember mine coming with all the extras but maybe it did. I do have the pasta strainer, but I've never cooked pasta (or anything else)in it, only rice. I may give it a try with pasta just to see if it's any good for that. Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwaveable Rice and Pasta Cooker-17 Piece Set
  10. I had the Indomie , and it was very good. Several packets are mixed together to create a sauce that the (drained) cooked noodles are then added to. You don't get the broth that many of the soupy instant noodles have, but the upside to that is that the flavoring isn't diluted. I'll be trying more of the Indomie varieties for sure. Also had Nongshim Shin Black. That one was a noodle soup cup. I managed to boil it over in the microwave, so I'm sure i lost some of the flavoring from the packets dumped on top before heating. It was still pretty good, but not as good as the Indomie. I also have Nongshim Shin (non-black version.) I'll have to be more careful next time with that one.
  11. Walmart here in Colorado carries a brand called Naked Noodle. I notice it's produced in Leeds. I've had the varieties available to me: Singapore Curry (best to my tastes) Thai Sweet Chili (not bad) Thai Green Curry (also not bad) Teriyaki (not much flavor) Chow Mein (not much flavor) http://symingtons.com/products/new-snack-pots/ I don't have much experience with instant noodles, but I bought ten at the supermarkets today. Especially looking forward to trying Indomie Mi Goreng Fried Noodle, Nongshim Shin and Shin Black, Nissin RAOH Umami Tonkotsu Flavor & RAOH Soy Sauce Flavor, and Sapporo Ichiban Chow Mein.
  12. Chimayo Joe

    Roasted mushrooms

    That's my favorite way to prepare mushrooms. I could eat enough of them to make myself sick. Roasted mushrooms are always on my Thanksgiving menu.
  13. I guess maybe i have had cultured butter. Cultures are included in the ingredient lists of President(at least the salted variety) and Private Selection Salted French Butter.. i did a quick side by side comparison of the 4 salted butters i have in my refrigerator now (Kerrygold, Danish Creamery European Style, President, and Darigold Farmers Reserve.) It was just on their own and on a bit of toast. I liked President the best of those.
  14. I haven't had that many premium butters --Plugra, KerryGold, President, Private Selection French Butter(Kroger), Danish Creamery(American despite the name) and probably a couple of others. I'm not sure if I even have a favorite, maybe President. I like them all better than regular butter but not hugely so. I've never had cultured butter. Is it markedly different? And what would be the best uses for that?
  15. Chimayo Joe

    Nasty Ingredients

    I see Rogue River Blue won Grand Champion recently in the World Cheese Awards. Not sure if that one is available to me locally, but i may give it a try if it is.
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