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  1. Thought i should post my reply. With regards to the prawn noodle dish this came about after getting hold of some 'transglutiminaise'. Rather than just throwing it radomily into food, we had a recipe for the prawn noodles and started there, we then played around with recipes and new recipes to see what we could come up with . We now use it in completly new and original dishes. My trip to America and staging at Alinea gave me ideas and i saw new techniques that after cooking for over ten years in some pretty good restaurants i had seen before. When i got back to my own kitchen of course we playe
  2. Reviews are part of running and cooking in a restuarnt and you have to come to accept them good or bad. We have had a share of both at interlude which is fair enough. People ar allowed to voice their opinions. The thing that bothers me most about reviews is when details are false but yet still printed. There are serious reviewers who take their jobs as seriously as those people they are reviewing and take the time out to check facts before going to print. As you stated ozmouse i have never heard of the reviewer from the Australian and his review was filled with misleading inaccurcies. Yes we
  3. Chef Robin can correct me on this, but I swear I once saw lambs brains (crumbed and fried) on his menu sometime last year. btw, I should add that intestines were old another favourite from the family dinners. I also remember going to Sydney with the family and going to a Chinese restaurant where they served a sublime dish of stir fried bone marrow. I had this particular dish when I was probably no older than 8 or 9 years old and I still remember it. ← Yes Lamb brains have been on the menu, as well as whole pigs head, jowl, black pudding(not really offal i know), trotters, sweetbreads, tr
  4. Its on Thursday 9th Feb. more details www.interlude.com.au
  5. Next week will be our 2nd year birthday. I'd would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and custom over the last 2 years. Of course we couldn't have a birthday without a party. As last year we let our customers pick their favourite dishes for the menu we (i) thought it was only fair if this year i got to pick my favourite things. Should be a cracking night. For your interest the menu is; Things I Like; scallops,pizza,sweetcorn,pigeon, apple pie, bacon, duck, sweetbreads,sardines, malted milk, doughnuts, twix Our 3rd year looks set to be our best year yet ( and the
  6. Sam, When i dined at wd-50 i had a dessert of grapefruit in grapefruit. What did you use in the grapefruit foam, it seemed to be stiff enough that you could quenelle it around the sorbet but still had the feel of a foam. Also have you tried using transglutiminaise in any desserts yet?
  7. Interlude had come a long way since we opened two years ago. This change over to degustation only is something I have been wanting to do for some time, but we thought leaving it until the New Year would be the best option. As a chef and restaurateur I am always looking to challenge myself and my staff and to push the limits of what the restaurant can offer as a dinning experience. We had taken the menu in its current state as far as we could. I have always felt the public had a lot more confidence in other skilled trades than chefs. For example if you went to a top hair stylist or a interior d
  8. This is an intersting topic. I guess each chef has their own ideas about what a 3 hat restuarnt should be and can achieve. It would definately be an option to play it safe at hold onto the award, nobody wants to lose hats and go down in the rankings. But can you justify charging more(as all restaurants would raise their prices in going from 2 to 3 hats) for the same product you were doing 6 months ago. To me the change would open a whole lot of new possibilities to move the restaurant onto a whole new level that would be fitting a 3 hat restaurant. For example when we moved from 1 to 2 hats,
  9. Next year, I'd really like to get a bunch of eGulleters together for a dinner at Interlude. I'm very keen for a return visit and I know PCL hasn't been there yet. Robin Wicken's food is sublime (and hello to Robin if he's reading....want to do a special deal for us? ) ← Always happy to accommidate food lovers. Don't think Tim has been in yet either!! drop me a line robin@interlude.com.au
  10. Hi Emma, Not sure what type of restaurant work you are looking for. But my advice would be to buy the Sydney or Melbourne resturant guides when you get here and phone round the places that interest you. Many of the top restuarants dont actually advertise for staff in the papers,websites etc. Good Luck
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