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Five courses from the French Laundry Cookbook

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Good Lord, Bill - i can't believe you accomplished all that planning and execution in less than a week.

It's hard to believe that crab dish doesn't taste as good as it looks! That's a beautiful plate!

My toque is off to you, sir.

I just want to tell you both good luck; we're all counting on you.


Marsha Lynch aka "zilla369"

Has anyone ever actually seen a bandit making out?

Uh-huh: just as I thought. Stereotyping.

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Bill, I've been thinking about this soup. I noticed how labor intensive it was for you. From the photos, I see you used a food processor to puree the peas. In hindsight, do you think a powerful blender would have made the "pressing" job a bit easier? I really do want to make that soup, but I don't own a Tamis either and I'm just trying to think about different ways to puree.

The recipe calls for using, in order - a food processor, a tamis, a blender and a chinois. Using the blender first would have made it go through the tamis/strainer easier, but it also would have let a lot of the relatively fibrous outer layer into the soup.

I mean, it would work just boiling the peas and putting them into the blender and then straining it, cutting out two steps, and it would probably taste about as good, but the texture would be a little different. This was really the texture of heavy cream, whitout any cream in the soup at all.

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Bill Russell

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Does eGullet award Medals of Valor? Good job--the post-mortem will be as interesting as the build-up.

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