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  1. zilla369

    Steven Shaw

    My condolences to his family and huge circle of friends, associates and mentees. I know he will be greatly missed.
  2. Google has lots of results for disco fries: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disco_fries http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=disco+fries http://www.answers.com/topic/disco-fries http://www.rateitall.com/i-92408-disco-fries.aspx
  3. This looks good. I'm planning on using it as a side for a dinner party next month.
  4. Harry, try this recipe: Pork chops in Guiness Stout Gravy. You won't be sorry. You can easily add rice on the side.
  5. Seems like some folks may not know about eG's already extensive coverage of Chef Adria and El Bulli from a couple years back. You can start here, the intro to a Q&A with Adria from 2004. That thread has embedded links from other Adria threads on eG, as well. And now ... back to No Reservations! I noticed Miami is tomorrow night's repeat. I didn't see that one before.
  6. zilla369

    Shoo-Fly Potatoes?

    I found this mention in a search of Mrs. Lincoln's Boston Cookbook (Mrs. D.A. Lincoln, 1884) And this mention in a work of fiction (Dr. Zay, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, 1882): So, it looks like it was a real dish, however briefly. From Mrs. Lincoln's description, it sounds like fried julienne of potatoes.
  7. I guess it can't hurt to tell now - I made it through three rounds of interviews for this season of Hell's Kitchen. Why they discarded me in the end, I'm not sure (they sure didn't tell me). I had thought it was because I had to truthfully answer that I had once been arrested (long story, missed traffic court because of my mom's funeral, picked up on a bench warrant sweep). At least I know now that that wasn't the reason (in light of Mr. Bad Check Prison Chef). I'm starting to think that they discarded me because - even if I had been totally BY MYSELF in one of those kitchens last night - I would certainly have served somebody an entree before 3 hours had passed.
  8. I bought some beautiful heirloom garlic at the farmer's market yesterday morning. I roasted four heads (small heads, varietal = "Music") lovingly in very expensive EVOO in a terra cotta roaster. This was supposed to be used on baguette slices with my stuffed lasagna. Well, we nibbled so much during cooking and had such big salads (microgreens, endive, goat cheese, candied pecans - YUM!) that we decided to forgo the bread. And somehow I totally spaced and left the garlic sitting on the counter in it's roaster all night. I've just discovered it and put it into the fridge, but... I'm worried. I know there's some danger of botulism from room-temp garlic-and-oil preparations. I believe I remember from school that the danger is from storing raw garlic in oil without refrigeration or benefit of adding acid to the mixture. Keeping in mind that mine is cooked rather than raw - should I throw it out? It'll break my heart, but I don't want to accidentally give myself a botox treatment, either. It was probably at room temperature about 13 hours.
  9. Congratulations! If you're thinking of Nashville, also think of Louisville, a couple hours north. Mint juleps and country ham. Colonel Sanders. Hot Browns. Benedictine. Large Asian, African American and Latino communities. But mostly - how exciting for you!
  10. For me, there's a big distinction between taking jars that are sent up with room service (perfectly fine) and jars that are set out on a buffet (maybe not so much.) The premium price of room service and the unlikelihood that the jars would make it back to the kitchen later is the justification in the first scenario.
  11. Moderator's note: I removed some posts from this thread that were off-topic. Let's keep to the subject at hand: High-end and other grilling equipment. Carry on! Marsha
  12. I love cheese, even faux-cheese, but, yes - the cheese is the deal killer in the Famous Bowl. It just seems so wrong. I actually dig the Taco Bell Border Bowl, though. Obviously I have no shame or taste.
  13. I don't want to see the staff's personal beverages or food in sight of the guests. If the hostess has a glass of iced tea under the podium, I don't want to be able to see it from behind when I'm walking outside to take a phone call. If the busboy is eating a burger, let him eat it in the break area, or out back - I don't want to see him eating it in the server's station when I'm on my way to the restroom. And servers - please, please don't wear cologne of any kind. And if you think that splash of CK1 is covering up the beer sweating out of your pores, you're sadly mistaken. Someone else mentioned burnt out lightbulbs - classic telltale that someone doesn't care. Serve from the LEFT. Pick up from the RIGHT. And, when logistically possible, ladies first, and older ladies before younger ladies. It's so simple. And keep your thumb off the rim of my plate, buddy. And if you can't manage a full tray, get somebody to follow you or even bring two plates and go back for the other two - don't haphazardly balance our plates on a big tray you can barely carry and cause all the entrees to slide to one side of the plates.
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