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  1. Going back in time (pre 9/11) I actually brought some knives back from Japan in the cabin. I had the attendants hold them. Though we had an inadvertent stopover in Anchorage, and after that I had them with me! Oh, and I didn't declare them. (Not that they were worth that much, but I still have and use them.)
  2. After years of trips to the grocery store only to return to moans from my kids about not having any food or the wrong kinds, we added the OurGroceries app to all our iPhones. Everyone has access to the grocery list at all times. One daughter is (used to be?) semi diligent about entries. My other daughter relies on telling me. My son will be texting me and entering on the app real time while I'm at the store. Additionally, you can add to it via Alexa (Amazon Echo.) That being said, I still often print my Stop and Shop coupon list that's added to my account and have a written list. Oh, and I still come home to bitching and complaining about our food supply. I should say I can't win, but since I do most of the food prep and menu planning, I get what I'm after, heh heh!
  3. Switchell

    I have a recipe for Switchell that I want to make. It calls for juicing ginger in a juicer. Can I use my Vita Mix instead? I would think so, but hoping to tap into the knowledge base here. Thanks
  4. Should I do it just like i would with beef or chicken bones?
  5. eGulleteers: Knowing you make lots of cools stuff and have a great deal of creativity, I am looking for help. Can I do something together with these? Was thinking about some kind of light salad. I saw a recipe for King X mushrooms as "scallops." Sea beans provide the salt. I assume the Bitter Melon provides some acid? Ideas? Much thanks
  6. Still has a chunk of meat on it. Thoughts?
  7. Harold McGee, On Food and Cooking. Flavor Bible by Page and Dornenburg. 2x the Ruhlman. I like the Lucky Peach books I have. Eating Animals by Jonathon Safer-Foer. Michael Moss Salt Sugar Fat. Modernist Cuisine. Home version.
  8. At least the battery area. Looks like display has some water as well. Is it toast? Or are there tricks to save? Thanks
  9. Wow, lots of great ideas. Thanks. Will report back.
  10. Thanks, that's really helpful. I think I will freeze some slices and a "roast." That google thing led me think about a slow cooker pork loin with cabbage ($.17/lb on sale) and potatoes. And some tbd liquid.
  11. Can I cut it in half and freeze some? Is it like a tenderloin? Looking for some ideas, please.
  12. Honey comb versus honey

    It seemed to work. Not sure whether regular honey would be any different in this case. Thanks
  13. Agar Agar amount question

    My wife is trying to save a lemon curd and we are out of corn starch to try and save/thicken. I do have Agar Agar and Xanthin Gum. Can I use these instead? And if so how much?
  14. When making donuts, will using honey comb (with the wax) be okay as a replacement for straight honey?
  15. I'm curious about dehydrating. Do I need a dehydrator? Or can I do it in the oven? If so, how? Thanks