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Your Legacy

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Thank you so much for joining us here on eGullet. You are without a doubt the most influential chef in the world right now. Although you are still young your contributions to gastronomy are legion. What would you wish to see as your legacy from your career so far and then again for what you still dream and have yet to accomplish?

John Sconzo, M.D. aka "docsconz"

"Remember that a very good sardine is always preferable to a not that good lobster."

- Ferran Adria on eGullet 12/16/2004.

Docsconz - Musings on Food and Life

Slow Food Saratoga Region - Co-Founder

Twitter - @docsconz

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I’m already happy about the recognition I’ve got, from people and from colleagues. Above all because my country has also granted that recognition to me, something that isn’t always the case.

I’m 42 and my ego is already fulfilled. More front covers are not going to change my life. I cook to have fun.

How would I like to be remembered? As a person who intended to share what he did, who did his best not to complicate life to others and who hated others complicating his life.

Edited by Ferran Adrià (log)

Ferran Adrià


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