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Peter Reinhart

Happy to be here

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Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to say hello. I'm honored to be with you this week and look forward to your questions. We can get into bread, pizza, baking science, metaphysics, barbecue, or any combination of the above. For those in NYC, I'll be attending the NY Pizza Show at Javitts from Nov. 1-3, and will be speaking on the topic, "The Emerging Artisan Pizza Renaissance." Maybe some of you can come. We'll even be showing some clips of a new documentary currently in production on pizza passion (working title, "Pizza, The Movie"--it's not my film but I get a little screen time. The film makers will be there, taping the conference, including the pizza tossing competetion. Don't laugh--these teams take it pretty seriously, they do amazing stunts with dough, and the winner gets to go to Italy for the World Championship). More details on all this later, if you want them.

I'm headed out in three weeks to be a guest judge at the Jack Daniels World Barbecue Championship in Lynchburg, Tennessee, so you can see that there there is life after pizza. Don't hesitate to chime in with some comments from that realm, as we all know there's no neutrality when it comes to both pizza and barbecue.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to be part of the Egullet universe. Let's see what develops....



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