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Nana's Chop House


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  • 3 weeks later...
Yeah, that is what confuses me.  Is he only at Nana's and the Q Shack mini-chain now?

According to our server at Nana's on Saturday, 6/18, Scott is now affiliated only with Nana's. Server said Scott felt that he was being stretched too thin...duh...so he pulled completely out of all the other places: N's Chophouse, Q-shacks, etc. Indeed, we saw Scott scurry through the dining room at one point.

I am actually glad to hear he did that. I heard that a few weeks ago via a mutal friend. The Chop House was a big dissapointment for me. I love the Q-Shack, but beforewarned the one of Hillsborough St. apparently closes early in the summer.

Bought a pound of pulled pork from the QShack at North Hills today.

Couple things:

1. 1 lb apparently weights 13 ounces (yeah, I weighed it)

2. There was so much sicky sweet vinegar based sauce on it, there was no hope of actually tasting the pork.

This is the first time they've served a pound of pulled pork to go in a styrafoam tray, usually it's in a pint sized container. I noticed right away there was an awful lot of liquid mixed in with the meet and that there didn't seem to be enough.

Makes me wonder if these are changes due to the new ownership of not. I'll give them another try, but if it's the same that'll probably be that.

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