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  1. Speaking of Creme de Violette. I have a whole bottle that i hardly use. Now i wonder - is it possible to infuse it with some orange peel and vanilla bean for a sort of Parfait Amour approximation?
  2. Sweet Heat is a great margarita with jalapeno and Licor 43.
  3. Randy Mosher's Tasting Beer is just out - it's the best general book and also such a fun to read.
  4. good idea - are you familiar with Ducasse Olive Mill pasta recipe? Similar technique and i think it was discussed before on eG.
  5. i'm about to start brining some brisket for pastrami - but a bit confused by the brining liquid formula - it calls for 350g or 1.5 cups of kosher salt. But when measured on scales 350g of salt is way closer to 2.5 cups. How much salt should i use? I checked brining formulas in couple other books and 350g indeed looks too much. I added all 350g and the liquid is really heavy salted... Any advice? Thanks much!
  6. the recipe for culibiac with salmon and glass noodles is in Worlfert's World of Food cookbook, tried and true.
  7. I got a bunch of baltic bitters like Riga Balsam, Dainava etc - any suggestions how they can be utilized in cocktails?
  8. Bringing out this thread - since recently i got fascinated by the idea - most probably because i loved Beaumont's Green Devil (rinse of Pernod, Martin Miller's gin, Duvel) cocktail so much. Some interesting recipes appeared in Oct issue of Food Arts: Beer Tails, and i tried Jugador tonight - made it with Plymouth gin and Stone IPA though. It came out nice: gin and ale have a certain flavor synergy, but still it was a bit muted...
  9. assorted Founders: their Harvest IPA is outstanding. And Backwoods Bastard is a revelation - never tried scotch ale before, thought i won't like it - but this is great, need to check other beers of this style.
  10. i just brought several bottles of Clear Creek eau de vie (including the pear) from Portland so thanks for ideas. And had a very nice Apple Sidecar (made with Clear Creek apple brandy) at Wildwood.
  11. not sure about rum but i recently made a hibiscus/rosebuds vodka infusion - it came out very nice; and i just poured vodka over dried petals and let it infuse for a month or so.
  12. today Powells put several copies online for $10; available on amazon marketplace or directly, so hurry up if you're interested
  13. I have a batch of Tequila por Mi Amante and made the cocktail above many times - it's great. Now i'm thinking of using Licor 43 instead St. Germain: it should work just fine right? ETA: just maybe orange juice instead of lime? should be a classic combo, of strawberry, vanilla and orange
  14. helenas


    i have a bag of barley couscous from Kalustyans - has anybody cooked it before and can share a recipe? Recipes on the web are so different from each other that it's a bit confusing. Thanks much!
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