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  1. stephen129

    Chili con carne

    Ah, I was trying to find a thread like that. Chilli with one 'l' rather than two.
  2. Has anyone got any good recipes for chilli? I'm particularly interested in ones with any interesting ingredients. Not fussed about 'authenticity', anything goes, as long as the final result is delicious.
  3. Would having a blended up mirepoix that is to be used for a ragu make any difference compared to a small dice? It all cooks down into pretty much nothing anyway. My knife skills are good, but a machine is always going to be faster (especially carrots). I have a food processor too, but it's quite underpowered and it doesn't fit that much veg in. I have to do it in batches. The Vitamix would fit everything in.
  4. Has anyone made mirepoix in a Vitamix/tried to use it in the same way as a food processor?
  5. If you were to go on a food tour of London what kind of things would you want to eat? 1. Only British food 2. Food that actual Londoners eat (I.e food from around the world, London is an incredibly diverse city after all) 3. 50/50 British/Global 4. 70/30 British/Global 5. 30/70 British/Global Some background. I'm a lifelong Londoner. I'm considering running a food tour where I share my knowledge and take people to places around London to try various food. I initially thought I'd do option 5. mostly food that Londoners actually eat and some British food, because we are in Britain after all. Most of the non-British food is better anyway. However after speaking to a friend, he suggested that tourists would actually just want to try foods that they can't get in their own countries, regardless of the fact that they may not be the best tasting. Thoughts? Especially interested in the opinions of anyone who isn't from London who has been on a food tour in London, or would consider going on one.
  6. I mentioned to my friend that I bought a Vitamix, he mentioned it was dangerous to blend hot food? Any truth to this? He linked me to this: https://jenniferskitchen.com/2011/11/blending-hot-foods-in-a-blender.html
  7. Here's the pea soup I made. It was lovely. Got given a butternut squash, so going to make soup with that next. Then might try some vegetable purees to go with some proteins. I like the sound of the cauliflower one.
  8. What are the benefits of making your own flour compared to just buying some from the supermarket? It's never something I've considered doing myself. (Possibly because I rarely use flour anyway). Is there a big difference in flavour?
  9. I've been in the dead sea. My friend accidentally swallowed some water while floating around. It was pretty funny.
  10. I have some koshihikari and a Zojirushi at home. If I'm making sushi rice, should I add less water than usual when cooking the rice, as it'll absorb liquid from the vinegar?
  11. stephen129

    Canned sardines

    https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/256138641?sc_cmp=ppc*GHS+-+Grocery+-+Repeat+&+DS*PX+|+Shopping+GSC+|+Lapsed+|+All+Products*R+%26+DS:+F%26D:+Food+Cupboard:+Food+Cupboard*PRODUCT_GROUP256138641*&ds_rl=1116019&ds_rl=1116322&ds_rl=1116019&gclid=Cj0KCQjwrrXtBRCKARIsAMbU6bEFWjrUzAil0Dk6znhx0jv3UoWIrY07W21NVTZ4fDKrKJHk-sK6HTcaArdREALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds This is what we get in the UK. I prefer it to traditional green pesto. It's probably not very 'authentic', but that doesn't bother me. Ingredients Tomato Puree, Sunflower Seed Oil, Italian Basil (10%), Sun-Dried Tomatoes (4%), Red Peppers (Sulphites), Cashew Nuts, Grana Padano PDO Cheese (Milk, Egg), Pecorino Romano PDO Cheese (Milk), Carrots, Pine Kernels, Acidity Regulator: Lactic Acid, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic, Salt
  12. Personally I think cooking pasta in water 'as salty as the sea' is far too salty. Have these people actually tasted sea water? It's disgustingly salty.
  13. stephen129

    Canned sardines

    I love canned sardines in tomato sauce. A recipe I like which is super easy. Cook some pasta such as fusili or penne. When nearly cooked, throw in a tin of canned sardines (or mackerel) in tomato sauce Put in a big dollop of red pesto. Add some chilli sauce to taste. Mix it altogether, breaking down the sardines into a bit of a paste. Deliciious
  14. I realise I am years late to the party, but I was always put off by the price. Recently found one for £180, supposedly only used 12 times. What shall I cook? I have a loads of frozen peas in the fridge, wanted to make a nice clean pea soup (no added ham or bacon). If anyone has a decent recipe, I'm all ears. Aside from that, what are your favourite things to make in your Vitamix and any general advice when using it?
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