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  1. Has anyone tried high quality soy sauce? What does it taste like, is it worth the money? What brands would you recommend? I ask because I own a few bottles of high quality balsamic vinegar from Modena and the difference between them and the commercially produced stuffed is night and day. I hardly consider them to be the same product. I wondered if it's a similar case with soy sauce. (Based on the production methods you'd assume so).
  2. stephen129

    Bastard condiments?

    I have stolen this from another forum I read.
  3. I want to make my own furikake. I'm just reading this recipe and variations of it. Does the fish actually completely dry out with this method? Does it resemble ikan billis/other dried fish? I have some whitebait in my fridge and was considering turning that into furikake, was just wondering how to get it super dried out and crispy.
  4. Wow that website has beautiful things for sale.
  5. I'm leaning toward this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gourmet-Chopping-Boards-End-Grain-Rectangular/dp/B01N6EMCOE/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_tr_t_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=BZV462CRB1X7ZSA6KYB0 Anyone got any thoughts?
  6. You think that's bad? I had to pay £300 ($390) to get a 5.5 cup made in Japan Zojirushi with the premium white rice and GABA brown settings (no idea if they make a real difference, haven't tried the normal or quick cook settings). It doesn't have induction or pressure. The made in China version without premium white rice and GABA was £200 at the time, now it's £230. The website I got it from has even increased the price to £340 recently! Amazingly my girlfriend and I still love it, we want to eat rice all the time. We recently bought some Koshihikari from Niigata (middle one in the picture. Supposedly the best place in Japan for rice and the most popular variety), best plain rice I've ever eaten, much better than the Nishiki. Cost £37.50 for 10kg... Beautiful packing though 😂
  7. I'm looking for an end grain chopping board to buy that doesn't cost the earth to be kinder to my Japanese knives (mostly in aogami super). I think my limit is about £65. Has anyone got any recommendations. The ones I find seem crazy expensive and the reasonable ones are harder wood (or the wood isn't even stated). I'm based in England
  8. Hmm, very torn on this. Also being in the UK it's very hard to get the pot I want. Might have to buy it from some random website and pay a load of import tax. I wonder what's more likely to die first, the Zoji itself, or the pot? EDIT: This might become a non-issue. It seems impossible or insanely expensive to get it to ship to the UK. Apparently it will cost £109 for the pot to ship from Singapore. The Zoji website doesn't even accept my UK postcode (zipcode). This other Canadian website wants to charge £145 with shipping and tax. Might as well just buy a new rice cooker...
  9. I live about an hour west of London. There's not really any good sushi restaurants anywhere near me, I have to go to London for acceptable sushi (even a lot of that isn't the greatest quality compared to what I've eaten in Japan and Hong Kong for example). I'm looking to buy fish to eat raw. I did a bit of research and read that Scottish farmed salmon is pretty much parasite free and therefore is safe to eat. Do I want stuff that is frozen first, or do I need to freeze it to completely kill off any thing? I feel like the fish in Waitrose would have been fine assuming it was freshly defrosted, however the guy working there had no idea (people rarely make sushi at home in the UK). I have a local fishmonger who claims I can eat his salmon raw. Luckily salmon is one of my favourites so I'd be happy if that's the only fish I can get. If I travel about 45 minutes away there's an Asian supermarket which has packs of frozen sashimi and unagi kabayaki. The unagi is exactly the same stuff they use in the restaurants. It's not exactly cheap at £12, but a piece of unagi nigiri is usually around £3.50. I also bought a very small jar (50g maybe?) Of salmon roe from Waitrose. It was extremely salty so I carefully ran it under the tap and poured in a bit of mirin and a tiny bit of soy. I ate it with some Koshihikari from Niigata cooked in my new Zojirushi. Possibly one of the best bits of sushi I've eaten in the UK. Also has anyone got any experience of buying fish online? I found this website that claims to sell sashimi grade fish and the prices seem reasonable. https://www.thefishsociety.co.uk/by-fish-type/raw-fish/sashimi/
  10. I'm being super careful with the pot. Washing rice in a sieve then pouring it in, rather than washing it in the pot. Only using rice paddles inside. Putting some water in it to soak before scrubbing it with the soft side of a sponge. I feel like I'm doing everything to preserve the pot? I realise I'm being a bit paranoid, but the thing cost a small fortune.
  11. Another question about my new Zojirushi. My model is a 5.5 Japanese cup model (180ml per cup I think). The manual says the minimum rice it can cook is one cup. Sometimes I'd like less rice than this. Has anyone tried cooking less than a cup? I was thinking 3/4 of a cup.
  12. To the people who have had their Zojirushi for a long time, do they make a replacement pot for your model (if you needed to replace it)?
  13. How long have you had yours for and has it lasted? I'm most interested in how long the inside pot lasts. I have just bought a Zojirushi NS-YSQ10 I am hoping the machine lasts decades, based on previous rice cookers, the most fragile part is the inside pot. I know Zojirushi sells replacement inner pots, I'm wondering if I should buy one now or if they will still be selling the same one decades later.
  14. But that doesn't explain why the menu has both a paella and an arroz de Carabineros.
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