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  1. Gourmandises de France seems to be doing fine. More a pastry shop than a bakery, but small, independent, not attached/associated with a restaurant. It's in a strip mall anchored by a Food Lion at Creedmoor and Milbrook. Their location probably didn't hurt - the part of Raleigh between Lynn and 540 has added thousands of homes since they opened and there wasn't/isn't anything like it nearby. http://www.gourmandisesdefrance.com I bet if you could open a bakery near the Harris Teeter at 540/Leesville you'd do okay. There's also a new Lowes grocery store nearby, but it doesn't have the traffic that HT does yet. The suburbs aren't cool, but there sure are a lot of potential customers nearby.
  2. I hear Jeff Skilling makes a mean brisket.
  3. Earthfare has a pretty good selection of cheeses. Including locally made, and U.S. made cheeses in addtion to the usual suspects. There's one in Raleigh at Brier Creek and another in Chapel Hill in the old Southern Season building. I've only been to the Brier Creek location, I'd say their cheese counter is equiv. the the Wellspring/Whole Foods on Wade. Or at least close enough for me.
  4. In case you missed it, there was an article in the N&O. http://www.newsobserver.com/business/v-pri...p-9163588c.html
  5. Hate when that happens. If I'm not mistaken Magnolia Grill also allows smoking at the bar, while Enoteca Vin and Fins do not.
  6. According to our server at Nana's on Saturday, 6/18, Scott is now affiliated only with Nana's. Server said Scott felt that he was being stretched too thin...duh...so he pulled completely out of all the other places: N's Chophouse, Q-shacks, etc. Indeed, we saw Scott scurry through the dining room at one point. ← I am actually glad to hear he did that. I heard that a few weeks ago via a mutal friend. The Chop House was a big dissapointment for me. I love the Q-Shack, but beforewarned the one of Hillsborough St. apparently closes early in the summer. ← Bought a pound of pulled pork from the QShack at North Hills today. Couple things: 1. 1 lb apparently weights 13 ounces (yeah, I weighed it) 2. There was so much sicky sweet vinegar based sauce on it, there was no hope of actually tasting the pork. This is the first time they've served a pound of pulled pork to go in a styrafoam tray, usually it's in a pint sized container. I noticed right away there was an awful lot of liquid mixed in with the meet and that there didn't seem to be enough. Makes me wonder if these are changes due to the new ownership of not. I'll give them another try, but if it's the same that'll probably be that.
  7. Random Alias


    Ahhhhhh yeah! That's a lot of strawberries.
  8. I've damaged the edge of an 8" trident by chopping through chicken bones with it. This was probably 7 or 8 years ago. About 2 inches up from the bolster, there's a ripple in the ege that you can't feel, but if you catch the light right it's easy enough to see. It's not a lot of damage, and it never seemed to change the way it cut. Still, it bothered me a lot at the time and I stopped chopping chicken bones with that knife after it happened. Here's a craptacular picture - sorry it's the best I could take.
  9. It's $175 at Amazon with coupon code: JUNQUCKDSCNT Plus from the KA website above, there is a mail in offer for a set of 3 cutting boards when you buy a the KA 12-cup processor: http://www.kitchenaid.com/assets/pdfs/othe...board_Promo.pdf
  10. Not yet open, but they're building an Earthfare at Brier Creek in NW Raleigh (kind of near the airport off 540), and one in the old Southern Season building in Chapel hill. Chapel Hill store opens this month, Raleigh store next month.
  11. Random Alias


    This is an interesting article from awhile back that discusses umami for a bit, and it's worth a read regardless. http://www.gladwell.com/2004/2004_09_06_a_ketchup.html
  12. There's also the El Mandado supermarket on Capital which serves food. I'd bet there are a couple other smaller hispanic grocery stores that serve food as well.
  13. http://www.pekinggardenraleigh.com/page6.html Peking Garden in N. Raleigh has some vegetarian options.
  14. One option - Stamey's http://www.hollyeats.com/Stameys.htm http://www.ibiblio.org/lineback/bbq/jnt5.htm Heh...another review, they don't like it: http://www.ibiblio.org/ch-scene/bbq/stameys.html
  15. ?? - not much more according to their website. http://www.ruthschris.com/steak/ingredients.html The best cuts of beef available. Broiled for an exact time at 1800 degrees Farenheit. A pinch of salt. A dash of ground black pepper. Fresh butter. A touch of parsley. That's all it takes to reach perfection. No need for exotic spices or heavy sauces. Just salt, pepper and whole butter. When a steak is this good, it needs nothing else. Edit: Maybe try a European style butter like Plugra?
  16. Crocs Walk of Fame How come Mario isn't on the walk of fame? They sound pretty comfortable - not sure about the looks though. :)
  17. Jason, Look at the baked Genoa salami pizza. There's a "cow's head" almost dead center in the picture!! Very artistic indeed! See his dark eyes, floppy ears, long snout?? :) doc ← I think you put the wrong type of mushrooms on your pizza.
  18. Im not trying to be nasty here, but what difference does it make? BryanZ was gracious enough to answer the question, but I would not have. O, Im a drug dealer, O I have a trust fund, O I forge checks, or O I have a second job, blah blah. Why does it matter? Who really wants to know or cares? I dont know why I am flaming about this as I really dont like flaming online, but it just got to me. As a disclaimer, I hate the way Americans always start the conversation with "So what do you do"? I know this was not meant to cause my reaction challah baker, so please dont take this the wrong way. This is not an attack on you. Im not meaning to offend here, but I was bursting. Nate ← So Nate, what do you do that money is such a touchy subject for you? j/k
  19. Made this last night - very good, very easy. The recipe is here: http://splendidtable.publicradio.org/recip...onmussels.shtml
  20. Made pan roasted scallops with musrooms and asparagus puree from the French Laundry cookbook. Easy to make, although you go through enough pots and pans that you'll dread the clean up long before you finish cooking. You're supposed to use morels, but I couldn't find any. Following the recipe you do end up with a shockingly green puree - much brighter green than I would have expected.
  21. I've eaten at P.F. Changs several times. The problem isn't when people eat at chain restaurants, it's when they only eat at chain restaurants.
  22. Wow. Your new kitchen looked great on its own, but the difference between old and new is amazing.
  23. Try Pizza Italia - it's about 1/4 mile from the Angus Barn on Westgate. It's hidden in a strip mall - pretty difficult to see from the road - it's across the street from a Texaco. And just a general obervation, there are 3 P.F. Changs in the San Francisco area. I bet they are just as packed with people as they are here in the Triangle - I know the ones in Seattle are. On average, people are people - the love of chain restaurants exists in big cities too.
  24. There are 3 food items I miss from my time in Gainesville. 1. Falafel King (#9 w/hot sauce) 2. Subs 3. Burrito Brothers 3 - Burrito Brothers - a Gainesville institution. It's still there, it will be there when you visit, it'll probably be there 20 years from now. That said, if you don't have fond memories of eating there (cheaply) while at UF, you won't be impressed. In the end, it's just a burrito. 2. Subs - they we're everywhere and better than any I've had since. There's something about Florida, and Gainesville in particular that means good subs. 1. Flafel King - The original was right next door to Burrito Bros, which was right across the street from campus. It's gone, but they opened a second store out a bit from campus. This is really the only thing I miss enough to go out of my way for should I ever end up in Gainesville. Falafel King I'm told by friend who still live there that Satchel's is supposed to be a pretty good pizza place. If you want upscale dining, you're in the wrong place. http://www.satchelspizza.com/
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