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Magnolia Grill


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I am heading to Magnolia Grill tomorrow and I was trying to find a sample menu. The only website I could find was for their cookbook. Is it possible that they do not have a website? Anyone that has been their recently, I will gladly listen to menu suggestions.


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The website is actually incorporated in the cookbook site. Go here for a sample extended menu. This represents a lot of the restaurant's offerings, but there aren't nearly that many items on the menu on a given evening. Please report back, as I'm headed over there next week (and the week after that!).

Dean McCord


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The dessert menu will be changing dramatically by the week-end. Most of those will be on for at least a week. My recommendations are in order as follows:

earl grey creme brulee with snickerdoodles ( I adore custard)

apple crisp with toasted oat streusal and vanilla sour cream ice cream (fantastic IC)

buttermilk blue cheese turnover with oven roasted grapes and candied almonds (VERY rich, but yummy)

these are my favorites, along with the sherbets (grapefruit and chocolate)

as for the savory side, that will be changing as well, and I only know of a few. A new sweetbreads will come on tomorrow, which they always do really well.

the pork is really nice, but mainly for the toasted corn maque choux and served with turnip greens

for apps, the fried oysters are a favorite, as is the foie.

I'll know more tomorrow.

"Godspeed all the bakers at dawn... may they all cut their thumbs and bleed into their buns til they melt away..."

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Oh I love that restaurant. It was one of the best things about visiting my son, when he went to college there! That was a while ago, though. I'm looking forward to following this thread.

Life is short; eat the cheese course first.

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so I can't guarentee how long these will be on, but this is what I recommend:

Warm Mushroom and Frisee salad

Twice Baked Grits Souffle with confit foie gras

Pan Roasted Lamb Loin with Butternut Couscous

and of course anything else will be fantastic, these are just my favorites

"Godspeed all the bakers at dawn... may they all cut their thumbs and bleed into their buns til they melt away..."

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Ok, I went to Magnolia last night and here is my report:


Excellent, no complaints. Not much else to say there.


I'm sure anyone that has been to Magnolia has heard this before, but it is just way too bright in there. I am fine with the hustle and bustle atmosphere, but turn down the lights a little. I felt like I was on stage. It is interesting to see what they spend their money on. The dinnerware is very basic, I think Denny's have the same plates. It did not really bother me, it just seemed a bit strange.



My girlfriend went with the fired oysters for a starter and the NY Strip w/ creamed leeks, shitake mushrooms. The strip was cooked perfect and the sauce w/ the leeks and mushrooms was terrific. It really made the meal, I think there was a touch of blue cheese in there. The oysters were very light w/ a touch of heat. Very Good.

I went with the Vension w/ root veggies and spoonbread. It was served with a cabernet au jus. This also was incredible, the spoonbread was a surprise hit for me. The only issue was the portion of venison. It was 4 thin slices, maybe 6 ounces max. The flavor was outstanding and it was cooked perfectly.


Phlawless, what can I say. Perfection.

My girlfriend was in tears eating the Apple/Rasin crips with sour cream vanilla ice cream. I had a bite it was nice and crisp and fairly tart, which I loved. My guess is they use granny smith's.

I had the chocolate tart with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. This reminded me of Angus Barn's chocolate chess pie, just in the form of a tart. When you cut into it the molten of choclate just oozed out. Unbelievable.


The food here is outstanding and basically made me forget about any complaints I had regarding the atmosphere. Overall I still prefer 4 square a bit, but you cannot go wrong with Magnolia Grill. Also, I was surprised how reasonable it was. That is always a nice surprise.

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