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Alsatian cookbooks


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I assume a healthy cookbook is one that is selling well. :biggrin:

On the other hand, if you're looking for a cookbook that meets accepted dieticians' definitions of health food, well bear in mind that Alsace is best known for choucroute served with lots of fatty pork, fresh, cured and smoked.

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Well, perhaps everydoby didn't need to jump down your throat like that. But... this is perhaps the last region in France (maybe the last region on earth) to think of a "healthy" cookbook for - what made you ask that?

I have a number of cookbooks on Alsace cooking that I buy in Alsace, and if you take away the butter, cups of heavy cream, pints of goose fat, and slabs of bacon, you'd be left with blank pages. I've never seen any Alsace cookbooks here.

If you're curious to see what's avaiable in the traditional books, go to www.alapage.com, and search for things like "Alsace Cuisine". This excellent site will sell the books to you on-line, and they arrive in the states in about a week with just the standard shipping - a credit card and an ability to read some French are all that's needed.

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