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Small-batch desserts


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Sneaking this into the small batch desserts although not baking.  This was adapted from Jody Adams, Boston restaurateur.  This is her mother’s recipe for retro Pots de Crème made in a blender. I found the blender to be unnecessary if using finely chopped chocolate.  When I switched from TJ’s 72% chocolate to an 85% thin bar, just broken by hand was sufficient.    To six oz. room temperature chocolate, along with (room temperature) one beaten egg, slowly pour over 8oz.  scalded milk. I usually dissolve the  2T. sugar in the hot milk first. Mix gently to melt the chocolate and add 1 t. of vanilla. This makes six servings, although I generally reduce the quantities and make four using just the yolk. This is rich and dense, I have upped the quantity of the milk a bit to make it a little less intense. Nice with cream or raspberries , a raspberry placed halfway into the crème is also very pleasing.

(If you like, you can add the beaten egg following the hot milk, which is easier to incorporate.)


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Three layers of berries with crème patisserie.  This is an Alice Medrich recipe for the pastry cream.  It uses rice flour and so is gluten free.  The recipe is from her book “Flavor Flours” pg. 342.  It only makes a cup, so just perfect for two (generous) servings.  I’ve also used this successfully for fruit tarts. The eggs are added with the other ingredients and all are cooked simultaneously. The rice flour makes for a very silky pastry cream.


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