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Should celebrity chefs/food shows adjust their offerings in accordance with economic conditions?

Anna N

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16 hours ago, Tropicalsenior said:

Oops. Sorry I didn't edit this well enough that was $1.75. And it's us dollars.

I paid 119 MX pesos per kilo, or 2.75 USD per pound.  

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times do change 


and the processing  from the Chef 


to your display possibly changes 


geometrically :




for review purposes :


who would ever eat the above ?   Avocado plastic bowl ? 


very Meconium like ?


my PBS shows early July Child shows all day near Christmas .


' brought to you by Polaroid '


tha onjly ad


JC in a color  show , that's butter-cream frosting 


w a lot of butter !


pots and pans everywhere 


dribbles here and there , extra flour , dusted on the floor.


just because 


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I would venture a guess that we all have.  I can't find it now but we had a book about all things potato published in Germany I think when that was your only reliable option.. Some recipes were quite tasty sounding. At that time I guess "belly filling" was the goal.

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Molly Stevens teamed up with Roy Finamore to write One  Potato, Two Potato.  This is very, very large book which, unfortunately is not available in Kindle edition. 

Edited by Anna N
To fix title of book (log)
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Anna Nielsen aka "Anna N"

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5 hours ago, Duvel said:

By any chance this one ..?

No it was grey, black and white. No color. Cheaply printed out of post war necessity I think. My grandfather was a POW and went off potatoes for a while after release cuz that wasprimary food for prisoners - but at least he was fed.

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