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Living Cookbook 2011-2015


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As many of you who were using Living Cookbook know they went out of business and abandoned many folks leaving most without access to their saved recipes or even use of the program. I can help. I can help you bring LC back to life. Take 5 minutes and costs nothing.

If you wish you may contact me at 7770ray@gmail.com. 

Please feel free to pass this information along in other forums.

I am able to help you get your legally purchased copy of Living Cookbook 2011 or 2015 up and running again.



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Just got validated here.  Been waiting for a while to post this.


I contacted rayp and he successfully got my Living Cookbook program up and running again in no time.  Works like a charm.


He's not sending you a program to install.  Just asking for the computer ID that LCB identifes your computer as.  He'll send you back the keys you need to "register" again.


THANKS, rayp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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