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Deferred Maintenance Kitchen Renovation


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On 6/19/2021 at 8:45 PM, Porthos said:

We chose a Moen no-touch faucet for the sink. I discovered that if you pour out boiling water on the side where the faucet is, the steam turns on the faucet.

I'm so glad my Sweetie picked out the no-touch faucet. I just love washing my hands, waving at the sensor to turn it off, then drying my hands. I've got a thing about turning on a faucet with dirty hands, washing said hands, then touching the faucet that I just touched with dirty hands. In public restrooms. I wash the faucet with my soaped-up hands, wash my hands, then drip water onto the faucet to rinse it off as I rinse my hands off.


I would not say that I am germaphobic but I do believe in avoiding what I consider to be cross-contamination, or whatever the proper term is.

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