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How to re-create this tsukemono at home?

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I am trying to recreate the following tsukemono at home:


Here are some additional pictures of the bag and of the tsukemono itself (sorry for the poor quality of the last one):




I own one Japanese plastic press (with spring). The process I tried (just by guessing) is the following one:

1. Took one UK-style cucumber (I live in the UK, not much choice here :P) and removed the seeds with a spoon, cut in pieces and mixed with salt

2. Put the cucumber with salt in the press and the press in the fridge for two days, lot of liquid is lost

3. Removed all the liquid, put in soy sauce + julienned ginger + some sesame seeds ans some togarashi (I did not have chili at home)

4. Left in the fridge for other 3 days, again lot of liquid is lost up to the level of the upper pieces of cucumber

The result was OK, but not crunchy and and tasty enough :P

My questions are:

1. What is the correct name for this category of tsukemono? (the one in the link, not my poor tentative :P)

2. Is there anything fundamental that I may be missing or any way to try to improve my results?

3. Is it safe to leave salted pickles in the press in the fridge for long periods? I prefer these pickles to be quite "dry" and crunchy....

Thank you all for any help in advance!

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