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Kitchen Galerie Poisson, Montreal - review


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Dinner @ Kitchen Galerie Poisson, Montreal

Saturday June 4th 2011, 9PM

Full text & photo review: http://tinyurl.com/6373xk7

Overall, a disappointing dinner where nothing stood out.

Kitchen Galerie Poisson, Montreal - Pan seared foie gras.JPGFirst course: Foie gras poêlé aux fruits confits 6/10

Dry piece of pan seared foie gras. Uninspired

Kitchen Galerie Poisson, Montreal - Oysters beignets.JPGSecond course: Ok oysters beignets. Good, tasty, but as good as what you would have cooked at home

Kitchen Galerie Poisson, Montreal - Surf and Turf.JPG3rd course: Surf & turf - I requested the cooking of the filet mignon to be blue rare. It was served medium rare! But this was not my main quibble about this dish....the lobster was: tempura fried lobsters...c'mon...that ensures a cheapie feel to those lobsters, especially at $45! Just serve those lobsters simply grilled.!!! 7/10

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