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Mexican spices and herbs


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My friend from NJ brought me, the novice Mexican cook, a care package last summer, full of things I had never heard of. I know some of them now...but others are a bit of a mystery. We do have a thread, "Making Mexican at home", but it might be useful to have a topic devoted to just the spices and herbs that are used.

For instance, today I opened a jar of Corrado's Adobo con Pimienta. Found some information on Google, but need some first hand ideas. I used it on Rajas con Crema that I 'threw' together at the last second for lunch today. It was good.

List of ingredients: salt, garlic, oregano, MSG, mustard. (Yeah, so much for my MSG problem. :raz: )




learn, learn, learn...


We live in hope. 

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