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Any good wonton and simple fare

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I've moved away from the Cambie corridor area and now find my late night snacking restaurant limited. There are lots of noodle houses in the West End, South Vancouver, and everywhere else but in the Hastings-Sunrise area. Please don't suggest Penny's or On-Lok.

Can someone suggest a good wonton noodle or ramen noodle restaurant near the Hastings-Sunrise area, especially one that opens later than 9pm?

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Have you tried Luda (Hastings at Slocan)? Not open late. They have a bunch of good soups and simple dishes. Not really a noodle house per se - more like Mui Garden (they are "affiliated" through family connections) - a hybrid of HK, noodlehouse, and straight Cantonese.

They have a pretty good wonton soup - thin skin, good broth...and to make it a bit different - they add fried garlic chips.

Golden Phoenix (Nanaimo at Broadway) is another option - though a bit of a schlep. Good soups - but again not a straight noodlehouse. I think they still open late.


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