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Big Island Dining


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  • 11 months later...

K...here's the down low from our trip in 2010....we are going back for another dog and pony time share show..gonna try new stuff ..will post more...

http://www.costco.com/Warehouse/Locationtemplate.aspx?warehouse=140 - Located on way to your hotel, by airport, stopped here for drinks, liquor, Big Island coffee (grinder on site), ready to eat lunches (the Armenian sandwich rolls lasted a long time on our fridge and were easy to pack and eat pool side. Brought collapsible cooler w/ us. Filled tank prior to returning car, gas here is cheapest. Sunscreen and other stuff that you will use a lot of is a good buy here and won't weigh down your luggage.

Waikola Village:

http://www.waikoloabeachresort.com/ - This site basically lists all dining/activities in close proximity to your hotel. You can check out restaurants that you might be interested in, then check yelp/trip advisor for reviews. You can sign up for their e club to get info on activities and discounts. We will be trying Buzz's Grill and Roy's this time around.

http://www.hiltonwaikoloavillage.com/ - LARGE property, w/ boats and tram, lots of Island historical art and artifacts, good place to go at sunset, good walking, has Dolphin Quest. Can view dolphins for free, check pricing, look for coupons if you want to interact w/ dolphins. This is were we stayed and will stay in fall... restaurants were over priced and not terrific. Did have cocktails and apps at a couple of the beach grills.

Queen's Shops

http://www.yelp.com/biz/island-gourmet-market-waikoloa - this is an upscale ABC store that is in Waikoloa Village. They have ready to eat breakfast items, fruit, yogurt, and every kind of grocery/sundry item. Much cheaper than purchasing at hotels. You build points on your purchases and can cash them in for "prizes". The prizes are on two isles. The Poke (highly seasoned ahi) is fabulous here, super fresh.

http://www.macaronigrill.com/Home/Home.aspx - We ate here for breakfast a lot, they have two outdoor patios for dining as well as in doors. Just ordered eggs/bacon/toast the way we wanted, breakfast menu was terrible, but cook to order was very good and inexpensive, probably the cheapest/best breakfast you can get. Also, if you go to the website, you can see that they have food/beverage coupons for lunch and dinner.

http://sanseihawaii.com/ - Japanese food and sushi, and steak, very good. Good service. Lots of buzz and fun. They have a "happy hour" dining special. We ate here twice, did not do the special it was too early (started before sunset).

King's Shops - across from Queen's Shops

http://www.waikoloabeachresort.com/index.php/big-island-shopping/Kings-Shops - Has a Macy's and upscale shopping. Good bathing suit stores, lots of selection that you don't see in CA. I bought a suit there that I love and it was about the same price as here.


http://www.windandsearestaurants.com/konainn/home.htm - great burgers and sandwiches here, only place in Kona w/ waterfront dining. Pricing was good. Ate here twice. No brainer to go back, you can walk around the "old school" town. Lots of shops w/ "handy crafts", flea market, hustle & bustle.

http://merrimanshawaii.com/big_island.htm - fine dining, was very good local/sustainable menu, bit of a drive but worth it.

http://www.kanakakava.com/ Went here prior to Kona Inn...kava is an astringent "tea" that gives a mellow high, tastes like dirt, tho not appropriate, I needed a shot of tequila to get it down, but the experience was worth it...

"Standard" grocery store near Waikola Village



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