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  1. Check out Houzz.com. You can build design folders based on inspiration photos for products and design features. You can post photos here for better suggestions so that the existing layout is clear, you can do this on Houzz as well. People will contribute knowledgeable suggestions from there, then you can get into specifics.
  2. I was surprised to find a box of 20 Kind bars for a dollar each. Usually, they run about $1.89-2.00 each. They also have a wider selection, where most stores carry only the sweet, WF has the savory as well.
  3. My KitchenAid food processor was manufactured in 1999, the rim of the bowl cover is coming away from the top, probably due to age and hard cheese. The motor and other parts are still in great shape. I cannot find replacement lid anywhere. Is it crazy to think that I can glue it? If not, what would be the best method? Thanks!
  4. Meeting my girlfriend to celebrate our 50th birthdays. Looking for updated lunch and dinner suggestions, fine and casual dining. Also welcome suggestions for a wine country tour for one of the days. Last post for Santa Barbara recommendations is a bit old. Square One is closed.
  5. Ours is from a restaurant supply store, it is about ten years old, still very sharp, which makes quick work for the Tillamook that we grate weekly. It is satinless, a bit on the larger side so grating is quick work. It was about ten dollars.
  6. My chef knives do not go in, I think that the minerals in the water will dull the knives over time (no science, just a hunch). Wood cutting boards do not go in either. We hand wash our silver plate table service which we use daily, the dishwasher was wrecking it even though Kitchenaid says it can go in. Wood handled spreaders and cooking tools go in, no problem so far (4 years). All non stick goes in, it is relatively inexpensive and gets tons of use. We didn't have a dishwasher for 10 years, so we are loving it....
  7. Lots of people I know use that drawer for metal and glass storage, we do at our cabin...cupcake trays, jelly roll pans, skillets, pyrex baking dishes...I would not store tupperware or plastic in there...
  8. Wish I got the larger bowl, ingredients in doubled recipes get really crowded.
  9. I eat granola every am and make my own so oats, nuts, dried cranberries, and bing cherries, honey, and canola oil are purchased in bulk., recipie here: Beazley House Granolahttp://www.beazleyhouse.com/beazleysview/2010/07/beazley_house_granola/. Our after dinner snack is the fancy mix nuts w/ chrystal dark chocolate raisins and dried cranberries so these again are purchased in bulk. I use a lot of rubs on my proteins and have this "pre made" ready to go using spices purchased in bulk. Also with the dried beans as I am freezing chili's and soups for the season. I generally purchase this all
  10. I have a Dacor and self clean it once a year...regularly wipe up and when there are lots of crusty stuff I scrape it with an old credit card and vacuum it out, making sure to get around the seal as well...very happy w/ the performance, To me, Eazy Off and the like are worse than self cleaning...
  11. K...here's the down low from our trip in 2010....we are going back for another dog and pony time share show..gonna try new stuff ..will post more... http://www.costco.com/Warehouse/Locationtemplate.aspx?warehouse=140 - Located on way to your hotel, by airport, stopped here for drinks, liquor, Big Island coffee (grinder on site), ready to eat lunches (the Armenian sandwich rolls lasted a long time on our fridge and were easy to pack and eat pool side. Brought collapsible cooler w/ us. Filled tank prior to returning car, gas here is cheapest. Sunscreen and other stuff that you will use a lot
  12. http://www.food.com/recipe/copycat-lawrys-seasoned-salt-17051 Most always I make my own rubs and marinades, but Lawry's Lemon Pepper cannot be beat. So many of my friends use their Garlic Salt so I had to stock it for them. Lawry's had a long history, including a handful of stake houses in Southern California...
  13. Mine are 16.5 inches from counter to under cupboard, with an additional 1.5 trim work to get to shelf level due to trim work that hides the under mounted lighting. The cabinet itself is 3 feet tall.
  14. Bleach has worked for me as well I have consistently used about 6 pieces of enamel Le Cruset for about sixteen years. I also have some pieces of the Belgian ware that was the generation prior ... all if it is in great condition..stock pots and saute w/ lid. It holds heat so nicely to help balance the timing of the meal when something goes awry...
  15. I would first fill it w/ warm water and dish soap and bring it to a boil on range, then let soak, maybe over night. Most sugar and color should come off, repeat if necessary. When most all 3d gunk is off, use some comet on it w/ warm water and a 3M sponge. The comet will take all the stains out and not harm the enamel. This is how I get all my Le Cruset sparkling....
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