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Help! Need new Burnaby lunch spot, stat!


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We work in Discovery Park near bcit. Every Friday we screw off head out for lunch at some good local spot.

Our regular spots are:

  • lhy thai
  • burgers etc
  • the good indian place on canada way
  • posh
  • saffron
  • couple other small ones, can't remember

So, we need a new spot. Beer is a requirement. Anybody have a recommendation for a good place we haven't figured out? Ten to Fifteen minute drive? Unfortunately, no sushi.

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I'm addicted to Chez Meme Baguette on Hastings and Gilmore. It's run by the genuinely-French former owners of Cafe de Bretagne downtown, and mainly serves soup, sandwiches & omelettes with some other classics. Prices are insanely reasonable ($7-11), service & quality consistently great. Try the soup of the day, it's always shockingly good (limiting my menu options significantly). Hours are 8-3 weekdays only, FYI.

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