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  1. This is awesome, thank you guys! I have a respirator that I couldn't live without (the smell of cocoa butter now nauseates me from the first couple of months of not using one ><) @tikidoc @Bentley I will give the backwards-fan-air-filter trick a go! @Jim D. I am also ready for a spray gun upgrade since my little paasche setup is so painfully slow. i have to go over each cavity at least 4, sometimes 6 times. this is very time consuming for a colourful bon bon-ist like myself checkin out the fuji HVLP's! Thanks again pals!
  2. Oh man, you guys are awesome! Thank you for the quick feedback! Kerry, this is what I was afraid of...not the mice, but rather the expense of having to install an exhaust fan. I'd love to get around that =/ Jim, I use a lil Paasche TG-3F Double Action Gravity Feed Airbrush with a Paasche D500SR 1/8 HP Compressor with Regulator and Moisture Trap compressor. I'm super close to the molds, and so there's a lot of mist shooting back at me. Should I try holding the gun further away? The problem is I don't think this gun is strong enough for that. I'm thinking to upgrade to a more powerful one anyhoo, so maybe now is the time. Any recommendations?
  3. Hi Friends! I'm calling upon you for help. Below is my current spray set up. The spray shelter is super easy to throw up and collapse & store. I'm wondering if anybody has a solution for containing the cocoa butter mist that fills the room when they're spraying, that they wouldn't mind sharing All my equipment is in one room, and I'm getting tired of cleaning grime off of stainless steel, lol! The shelter traps whatever's moving forward, but a lot of what I spray comes back at me and disperses into the air, f.i.l.l.i.n.g the room with a cloud of atomized cocoa butter. Has anyone ever successfully used a fan with a filter, or a vacuum cleaner, or happens to have a different solution (short of installing a fan that moves air outside) to this problem? Any input is much appreciated! Many thanks, Kata
  4. Hi Kerry, do you think you could add me (Kata Ambrus) and my friend (Anna Chi) to the list please? We are very interested in participating in the whole shebang, including the Master Class. PM'ing you my info now
  5. so, curiosity got the best of me and I stuck one of my freshly-used, dark chocolate encrusted moulds in my home dishwasher on a "gentle" cycle. I expected the worst..... but it came out shiny and clean, no opaque cocoa butter buildup in the back crevices... of course I still polished the cavities but I found it required much less elbow grease than when I hand wash them first. mainly water spots to deal with. am I a treacherous person? or have I seen the light? would love to have you guys weigh in
  6. Hi friends, this website has aided me greatly in figuring out ingredient costs. It has a section where you list all of your ingredients along with their prices, and another where you input your recipes using your ingredient library. It then breaks down the cost per recipe and/or portion. It has truly been indispensable to my baking business. https://www.cookkeepbook.com/