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One Night to Dine in Paris


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Thanks for your help on other topics.

So we will have one night (Saturday, June 19) to dine in Paris. Where should we try to get a reservation. Thinking no more than a 1* Michelin place and even that is not necessary.

We'd like to find a place where the food that is prepared by a chef who prides himself on what he does and that pride shows through on his/her plates.

I really would like to find a place that is friendly and generous. I don't mind spending some money (100E+) pp but I want to leave a place like that feeling like I didn't just get worked.

I'd love to have a wine paired meal and a grand cheese cart offered before sweets. I'm not into the whole asian/french thing going on right now at a lot of the restaurants I've seen.

All help is appreciated.

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It's not new or trendy, but I still love Chez Michel. Chef Thierry Breton (part of Cambdeborde's bistronomy movement) is in the kitchen, not watching over his holdings in Hong Kong and Vegas. The products are stellar, especially if you leave the very reasonable 3-course menu for €30 something and add a few items from the supplements board (special dishes that carry an additional price). There's no wine pairing per se, but I'm sure that your server could recommend something from their solid wine list (small producers, easy prices). I thought of this place especially when you mentioned your desire for cheese - they have an outstanding cheese course here. A giant board is brought over and left on the table - you just take as much as you like.

Meg Zimbeck, Paris by Mouth

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