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Pre-theater dinner in Morristown


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Bickford is a bit off the beaten track. you could do Harold's in Morris Plains or one of the places just off the Green in Morristown or go the other way into Madison. you could also revisit high school days as the turn to go to Morris Museum off of old 24 has one of the last Friendly's in the state. have a Fribble for old times sake. (actually of all the chain restaurants i think Friendly's is one of the better ones especially for fish).

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judsg, it would help to know what kind of a meal you're looking for, what sort of cuisines you do/don't like, how much $ you want to spend, etc., but here are a few thoughts to get you started:

-Sushi Lounge (just off the Green in Morristown proper)

-Copeland at the Westin Hotel (close to the Morris Museum)

-Viet Ai in Florham Park (just a couple of miles down Columbia Tpk) for great pho and other Vietnamese food

-Tim Shafer's Cuisine on Speedwell Ave in Morristown

Give us a few more details and I'm sure you'll get many more ideas!

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The Grand Cafe is good for something fancy.

The Famished Frog is casual. Not haute cuisine, but updated pub food.

Origin is good for Thai.

Provesi and Valentino's are Italian choices.

Copeland always seems empty, but it's near the theater.

For a real old fashioned pub experience, Dublin Pub.

Japanese? Sushi Lounge or Aiko.

I've worked in Morristown for 24 years!

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