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  1. We went there on 3/10/12. The food was great and we will return! BUT not on a Saturday night. It was terribly noisy and the service was very delayed. One hours wait for appetizers (tho well worth the wait they were so yummy. Ten minutes to get an extra soup spoon so I could share my delicious soup. The hostess said they were going to do something about the noise -- there are all hard surfaces on the walls and ceiling.
  2. Any suggestions for a pre-theater dinner in Morristown. We are going to the Bickford Theater at the Morris Museum.
  3. Try Verjus in Maplewood on Springfield Avenue
  4. We had a thoroughly enjoyable dinner at Dennis Foy's restaurant at 313 Church Street. I went to his restaurant in Chatham, New Jersey (Tarragon Tree) some 30 years ago and got tickets for Blasted, an off-Broadway play around the corner. So we decided to see how much things had changed in 30 years. The restaurant was empty at 6:00 p.m. They have a new $27.00 prix fixe dinner (appetizer and entree). We had gnocchi with sage & mushrooms and smoked salmon with truffle infused egg salad as appetizers. Probably because we were the only ones there, the waiter brought us some fettuccine with bolognese sauce. for entrees we had fluke and red snapper. We had no room for dessert. Everything was delicious and for $27.00, the value was excellent.
  5. Went to Chengdu I. Their special menu is for groups of 4 or more. ($168 for 4) We were only 3 and not that hungry. Had cold spicy chicken as appetizer and then twice cooked pork and abalone ($19.95) and a deep fried whole fish ($19.95). Delicious!
  6. Where are the best spots for Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rat? Any new ideas?
  7. 40-50 years ago it was known as "Bella's" the name of the owner. Businessmen went there in the morning for coffee and kids went after school for a burger. Parking was available on PVW and Eagle Rock Avenue so there was no problem.
  8. What restaurants are having special Chinese New Year celebrations, menus, etc. Which is best?
  9. I am not a baker, but I grew up in the hotel and restaurant business. My experience has always been that the only successful bakeries were those that had restaurants and hotels as a large part of their business. Whether for rolls or deserts, the regular business of hotels and restaurants are what allows you to survive financially. Depending upon retail business alone is very tough.
  10. I am lucky that I tried the delicious hot dogs last week just before the fire. Hawaii 5-0 and the salsa and guacamole were really different and delicious. Not an everyday thing but a great idea and welcome change. The fries stayed warm until I got them home in Livingston. I'll be ready for a repeat when they re-open in 6 weeks.
  11. We are planning an informal catered brunch at home for 40-50 people for a 60th Birthday Party in North Jersey (Essex-Morris). Any suggestions for a caterer?
  12. judsg


    The chef may be good but service is laughable at best. I went to Copelands with another couple to celebrate our anniversaries. I made the reservation before I saw some of the negative remarks. They called to confirm our reservation and I asked if everything was ok or if there was any problem as I had read about service problems. I was told that everything was fine and I could expect a great dining experience. Well, they made a mistake and forgot to tell me that they were having a large noisy private party with speeches and a DJ with loud music. When we suggested that maybe we should leave, they suggested to allow them to make up for it, and agreed to give us a free bottle of wine. When I asked for a wine suggestion, the waiter said he did not know about wines. When I asked to see the Sommelier, I was told he was too busy with the party. When I insisted, the Sommeleier finally came and suggested a wine. I agreed with his suggestion. He told the waiter our choice and left. The waiter then advised that they did not have the wine the Sommeleier suggested. (How can a Sommelier not know what wines are not in stock?) To make up for that error, they offered a free glass of another wine. Then the Sommeelier returned and asked how I liked the wine he had suggested. Completely clueless. When the bill came, they charged me for the wine they had said they were offering as an apology for their errors. When I complained they corrected the bill. My dinner companions thought the dishes were too heavily salted. I thought the food was ok. None of us enjoyed our special anniversary dinner over the loud party DJ and service errors and aggravation.
  13. A few months ago I told the owner that I thought the food had improved and asked if there was a new chef. He said no, but that the chef was taking some courses and was trying new dishes.
  14. Is the tasting menu available to anyone? How much did it cost? How much advance notice required?
  15. Restaurant row in Grand Case in St. martin is hard to beat. Maybe not the best single restaurant, but 10-15 all good french, italian, & continental gems, all in a row.
  16. My wife likes Pamir. The aushak (look like ravioli) is excellent. I have also had fish with pomegranate sauce. The pumpkin (served as a side vegetable dish) is good too. 2 orders of appetizer and 3 main dishes will do for four people sharing. Bring your own beer and the dinner is quite affordable.
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