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  1. I am having three couples over for dinner for Valentines Day and am trying to think of a "theme menu" that would be fun. For drinks, could do Cosmos or some kind of pink or red martini (ideas?). Heart shaped puff pastry filled with wild mushrooms. First course, artichoke soup (heart theme) or red pepper soup. I'm stumped on a main course as I think everyone has od'd on filet mignon during the holidays. Could do some sort of pork tenderloin with veggies. A chocolate dessert seems so cliche. Alright--now for something completely different--it's the dead of what has been a miserable winter in Connecticut...Howabout an island theme? Pina coladas, appetizers TBD, Jerk chicken or spiced grilled pork tenderloin and key lime pie for dessert. Which party would you rather go to?
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