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If you like _____,


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The last time the BF and I sat at the bar of my favorite neighborhood pizza place, we got to talking to the bartender. We were sort of uninspired about what beer to order, and the bartender said, what do you like to drink? BF really likes Orval, and the bartender suggested he would like Goose Island Matilde. He was spot on - we both really enjoyed it. It's like a Orval's funky American cousin. A few weeks ago I was back there again, and he suggested that if I really like Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, I would love La Terrible. And again, I found a new beer to add to my list of favorites. (I'm on a Goose Island kick lately, what can I say?)

So I thought it would be fun to play If you like _____, then you'll love _____, to get new recommendations. So post something you like that you want more beers in the style of. I'll start. I like Tripel Karmeliet. What else haven't I tried that I will love?

"Nothing you could cook will ever be as good as the $2.99 all-you-can-eat pizza buffet." - my EX (wonder why he's an ex?)

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