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Todd English - Figs - Palm Beach Gardens


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I went out to Figs in the Gardens Mall with some co-workers during the week around 6:30 PM.

I ordered the Warm Back and Spinach Salad for around $8.00 for a starter. It was a large bowl of spinach and some bacon chopped up. I found it pretty decent back lacking something. I am not sure what.

The specials menu had a Pulled Chicken Lasagna that looked good for around $13.00. Four of us in the party ordered it. When it arrived, 1 looked like a generous portion from perhaps a band new tray. The other 3 of us received a small portion that looked dried up and we could hardly find more than 3 pieces of chicken. We sent them back and they returned with a new portion surrounded by tomato sauce. The lasagna looked much better but the only problem was that the tomato sauce was ice cold. Again we sent them back to have them returned luke warm. The manager apologized and said she would remove them from our bill.

Another person in our party ordered the same Spinach salad with some salmon on top. She received the salad and couldn't eat it as it was way too salty.

I also tried some pizza which wasn't half bad.

The service was decent and attentive. The complimentary bread and oil with olives was fantastic!

Let me know what you think when you try this place out.

It's in the Macy's at the Gardens Mall.

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