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  1. I wish I could find a place closer to me here on the East Coast of FL.
  2. I went out to Figs in the Gardens Mall with some co-workers during the week around 6:30 PM. I ordered the Warm Back and Spinach Salad for around $8.00 for a starter. It was a large bowl of spinach and some bacon chopped up. I found it pretty decent back lacking something. I am not sure what. The specials menu had a Pulled Chicken Lasagna that looked good for around $13.00. Four of us in the party ordered it. When it arrived, 1 looked like a generous portion from perhaps a band new tray. The other 3 of us received a small portion that looked dried up and we could hardly find more than 3 pieces of chicken. We sent them back and they returned with a new portion surrounded by tomato sauce. The lasagna looked much better but the only problem was that the tomato sauce was ice cold. Again we sent them back to have them returned luke warm. The manager apologized and said she would remove them from our bill. Another person in our party ordered the same Spinach salad with some salmon on top. She received the salad and couldn't eat it as it was way too salty. I also tried some pizza which wasn't half bad. The service was decent and attentive. The complimentary bread and oil with olives was fantastic! Let me know what you think when you try this place out. It's in the Macy's at the Gardens Mall.
  3. Being I am in South Florida most of the time now, when it was coming up to Mother's day I went on open table and also checked the local newspaper on line that listed restaurants that were having specials for mother's day. You might want to check similar resources. You might want to check out the Bethwood in West Paterson, they do an amazing brunch on Sunday's. -Scott
  4. My favorite flavor! Wish I could recommend a place to you.
  5. NJ2FLA


    Wow we just had our 20th high school reunion there on Labor Day weekend.
  6. Guys... I am so jealous! John, please keep me in the loop about future dog trips. I am in NJ a bit more now. I didn't know that JJ's swithed to skinless about 2 years ago. I like his onions that are spicy. John - do you recall a hot dog wagon that used to be off of St. Georges avenue in Linden years ago. I used to go there with my friend bob when we were kids so this would be the late, late 80's - early 90's. I think the truck was yellow and he was near where the train tracks are (were) and he made all different types of strange toppings on the dogs. For some reason I just thought of him. I think he made one with Peanut Butter and bananas. We would always go there late in the evening.
  7. Rosa Mexicano We have one of those outlets in Palm Beach Gardens at a nice outdoor plaza called Downtown at the Gardens. I went there once with my friend and wasn't too impressed with the food. It's trendy and they make the fresh guac by the table but I wasn't impressed with my meal for what the price point was. I don't even recall what I had but I do recall it was some sort of steak. Give it a try and let me (us) know what you think.
  8. I will be in NJ for Labor Day Weekend and the following week. I am looking foward to trying this deli when we are in town. Do you recommend the whole or half sandwich?
  9. Oh John I would love to be there. I just spend too much time in FL now and on the road so I would have to pin down a date way in advance. Please enjoy and let us know all the details!
  10. I should be around this Saturday. Boca has a lot of great spots. Many of which are chain such as: Cheesecake Factory, Seasons 52, Houston's, J. Alexanders, PF Chang's, Stir Crazy, Grand Lux Café, Maggianos, etc. I live in Boynton Beach so I can't really think off the top of my head of some place that really cool to check out. We don't get a lot of action on the Florida board but it would be nice to see any responses. -Scott
  11. I am kind of curious myself as we as an on-line community were involved with stories of conception to reality and also dealing with the fire, etc. I know that I have been in the establishment a few times when I was in town and also brought some family in as well. Much of the reason I did visit was based on their genuine posts on here. I am also curious as I am from Verona. I am a positive person and always wish others well in the endeavors.
  12. Well that just stinks! After all the boys have been through with the fire and all. It's right before summer too. I do wish them well with the alternate location. -Scott
  13. Very sad indeed. I would love to take home the onion rolls and heat them up the next day and melt some butter. Yum Yum! I also liked their corned beef hash and pineapple cheesecake!
  14. Ah the Villa d'Este - only wiseguys ate there.
  15. Silly question.. where is this place located?
  16. We need a Munchmobile here in Florida! Would just need to be more tropcial. Maybe some Hawaiian Tropic Girls?
  17. We had my brothers wedding at the Crystal Plaza and we all weren't impressed with the food at all. We were more impressed with the food at the Bethwood where we had the rehearsal dinner. I am Jewish and had my Bar Mitzvah at the Manor in West Orange. This was in 1983 and my parents spent around $13,000 I believe. To this day they said that instead of trying to entertain the family and friends that you only see on special occasions, the money would have been better suited to be put in savings and used toward college, etc. Chances are most people won't remember the affair after a short amount of time. Your son will of course remember it forever, but you can be thrifty in my opinion. If you have a large amount of disposable income, then enjoy yourself. Of course, you could send it to me too Best of luck and I am sure you will have a spectacular day!
  18. This place is on Federal Highway right?
  19. Hey John, I wish you has posted this a few days earlier. I just spent a week in NJ. The only hot dog place I hit was the Hot Grill in Clifton. For some reason I wasn't thrilled with my 2 all the way dogs. I am just not sure what was different than how I remember them in the past. Plus they are now $2.05 each. -Scott
  20. I guess that's somewhat better than the number being disconnected.
  21. Danny, Sounds great to me. Is he located on 79th near Biscayne?
  22. NJ2FLA

    Lake Worth

    Hey eyedoc... sorry you didn't care for Dixon Li's - Florida is a Chinese wasteland anyhow. I will check out your recommendation in North Miami. Can you tell me more about Yakko-San ?
  23. Thanks for the suggestions and advice. I am looking forward to my trip. I am in Augusta, GA right now and found a great sub shop last night called Baldinos.
  24. Daniel, Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check them out when I am in town next month. I miss your series about lunches in Elizabeth, NJ that you used to do. -Scott
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