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PROVISIONS Restaurant in Montréal

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Our friend Dan was the one to make it there and here's his review. I was supposed to go back last week on my day off for the review but my timing was also off.

I still had the opportunity to taste their food. I had a lamb sausage and it was just amazing. There's grilled zucchini in there with roasted bell peppers. Their bread is also something else. On top of that they make their own bread. You can't get any fresher.

The passion for quality of these guys is obvious. The only drawback is that they're open only for lunch until 4pm on weekdays. Dan told me that they plan to open for brunch in a near futur. Hope their hours also will extend since I don't work in the Centre-Sud downtown area.




Sandwiches on homemade bread cooked on premises, Salads, Catering

When was the first sandwich invented? We can suppose that putting food in bread probably came not to long after the invention of crushing grains between 2 stones, mixing it with water and then cook it on fire.

History and legends tell us that aristocracy is the source behind the word sandwich. In the 18th century an infamous Lord was known as a card player and for his decadent ways. One day, to prevent interrupting a game of card, he asked for a piece of meat to be put between two pieces of bread. The purpose would have been to prevent staining his cards.

In the 21st century, around September 2008, two Chefs who worked for many years in haute-cuisine restaurants decided to open their own place. Their experience and knowledge metamorphosed sandwiches to a rank rarely found elsewhere.

We almost forget to mention that nostalgia is behind the name and the location of Provisions. One of the owner’s parents had a convenience store, at the same premises, in the early 80's.

For the moment Provisions is open weekdays from 11am - 4pm. If you work in or pass by the downtown area, this place is a must. Thanks to our members for letting us know about this great place.

The video will show you what we experienced.

here's the link to the video


and some pictures


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