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  1. Our friend Dan was the one to make it there and here's his review. I was supposed to go back last week on my day off for the review but my timing was also off. I still had the opportunity to taste their food. I had a lamb sausage and it was just amazing. There's grilled zucchini in there with roasted bell peppers. Their bread is also something else. On top of that they make their own bread. You can't get any fresher. The passion for quality of these guys is obvious. The only drawback is that they're open only for lunch until 4pm on weekdays. Dan told me that they plan to open for brunch in
  2. Hi FoodMan, I did experiment cumin. My fear is that I'm not using the right dosages. Do you mind telling us where to find you recipe for hummus? I looked around and found your post "introduction to Lebanese Cuisine" very impressive. actually it's not a post but more like a thesis. But there was no hummus recipe. Unless I'm blind, can you post it here? thanks Mike
  3. Thanks for the suggestion I lost count of how many variations and dosages I tried trying to get that hummus taste I enjoyed many years ago.
  4. Here's a review that one of our friend named Dan made about this place that is not really unique since you can find similar places everywhere in North America. link to video: http://30sr.blogspot.com/2008/09/toyo-restaurant.html Pictures:
  5. That's one thing I always thought it was a mistake but indeed some recipes mention to put lots of lemon juice. My tries never ended in a good results for my taste, it was to lemony. As for tahini, I did try a few brands. thanks for the input.
  6. Hi there, Many years ago I had an experience of a wonderfull hummus that my friend's mother made. I never asked her the receipe and unfortunately she passed away since. Her hummus was so different from all the version we find in Lebanese restaurants. I remember that she told me then it was a typicall Lebanese hummus recipe from Lebanon. I'm would love to find this taste back. All I remember is that the flavors of the chickpeas were dominant. I tried many times to do it myself with different quantities of tahini or garlic but never was able to get it the way I ate it. Would love to have a ty
  7. In Chinatown, just 2 block as away from Palais des congres, there's a restaurant on clarck and Rene-Lesveque called New Dynasty or in French (Nouvelle Dynastie) 1110 Clark, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Phone: 514-871-8778 Their Won Ton soup is very good. I believe it has shrimps and pork in it. Their Baked salted shrimps and calimari are to die for. You can call to reserve for a large group. I know they close around 4 or 5 am
  8. I've been told about this place many times in the past week. Will check it out and report on it pretty soon. Mike
  9. Hi RG, I don't know if it's in effect but there's was a movement years ago that wanted to identify made in Quebec products. I found these web sites that might help you find Quebec made products http://www.terroirsquebec.com/ http://www.lesproduitsduquebec.com/menu-aliments.htm you can use a web translator to convert the page to english http://babelfish.yahoo.com/
  10. Hi everyone we would like to share with you our food experiences in Montréal. Restaurant LOMBARDI is located on duluth street in the popular plateau Mont-Royal area. It's a BYOW type restaurant. Our friend Georges told us about this place. He told us that the restaurant re-opened after being closed for more than a year because of a fire. We noticed that the building is brand new. Our waiter told us that everything is new except the personnel. Everybody is back on the floor and in the kitchen. Guess he wanted to reassure us by saying it's the same good old cuisine. Same or not we didn't care
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