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Restaurant Nathan Outlaw

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Restaurant Nathan Outlaw

This restaurant has only been open since February this year, I have been in for lunch twice now and both times it has been the best lunch I have ever had, One day I will have to make it in for dinner, but as everyone knows even the best plans fail,

Anyway on to the good stuff, the views from the restaurant are truly wonderful, the service is fantastic, Very professional but not to stuffy, I had both of my lunches on the terrace overlooking the River Fowey as both days were fantastic.

I was talking to one of the staff after my first lunch and she said they open 6 days a week for dinner and 3 days a week for lunch, the reason for this she said if “Nathan”

Is not cooking the restaurant is closed, I think this is fantastic for a small restaurant in Fowey, on a good note you know the standard will always be the same as they use the same team everyday and all the staff have the same day off , I think this makes for a consistently good team.

On to the menu: (this is the menu from my second visit)


Black Bream

Pickled Mushroom Risotto

Squash Soup

Roast Salt Pollack

Slow cooked Pork

Onion Puree - Pickled Plums



Bacon - Lentils - Sherry Vinegar


White Beans and Asparagus – Rosemary Sauce


Herb Potato - Sauce Vierge


Apple Tart Tatin

Cream Cheese Ice Cream

Plum Sponge

Bay Leaf Ice Cream

British Artisan Cheese

2 Courses £15.00

3 Courses £18.00

On my first visit I had;

Slow cooked pork

Onion Puree – pickled plums

The slow cooked pork absolutely blew me away, crispy top yet the meat so soft, resting on a small bed of mixed leaves, with plums and onion puree. Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!


Bacon –lentils – sherry vinegar

Very nice well cooked, well balanced and looked amazing, tasted great

Rhubarb Sponge

Stem Ginger ice cream

What can I say, it is cooked to order so takes a little while but my god it was great and the ice cream had the most stunning flavor.

On my Second visit I had:

The pork again (probably the most amazing starter I have ever had)


White beans and asparagus- rosemary sauce

Just so well presented, cooked beautifully, and tasted superb,

Plum Sponge

Bay leaf ice cream

Rhubarb was off the menu on my second visit but, the plum sponge was just as good if not better, as I have never had a “Bay leaf ice cream” the flavors worked so well, and the ice cream wasn’t to overpowering.

My total bills

First visit

2x £18.00

2x coke £1.50

1x Orange £1.50

Total £40.50

Left £9.50 as tip

G Total £50.00

I had no wine but it starts from about £3.50 per glass

Second Visit

2x Glass champagne £7.50

2x £18.00

3x coke £1.50

1x white wine spritz £4.00

Total £59.50

Left £10.50 tip

G Total £70.00

I can’t wait to get back to this most fantastic restaurant, I am trying to get in for dinner on a Saturday in may so I will post that menu when I get back. All in all the best restaurant I have been to for a very long time, they also do not except children under 10 years old, I think this helps a lot as Fowey is a sea-side town and most restaurants are overrun with screaming kids.

Service 10/10

Food 10/10

Value 10/10

(you cant get a 3 course lunch at the local pub for the price Nathan charges for lunch)

Probably the best value lunch in Cornwall at the moment

Would I go back, most defiantly.

I have recommended the restaurant to everyone I have seen since my visit.

/Pasty Man

P.s forgot the contact details

Restaurant Nathan Outlaw

Marina Villa Hotel



PL23 1HY

01726 833315


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Judy and I finished off our tour of Cornwall with a visit to Restaurant Nathan Outlaw (and a night in the Marina Villa Hotel). It looks to me as though he should be getting back that well deserved star in the near future.

The food is fantastic, and the setting is one of the best in any restaurant I've visited. I love the way he uses his ingredients.

It is interesting to see how the dishes change according to the seasons. e.g. instead of plum sponge I had plum tart but still with the bay leaf ice cream.


Spring pea soup with mint oil


Ox Tongue

Anchovies – Capers – Tarragon and Mint

Squab Pigeon

Chocolate – Figs and Spice – Potato Cake


Black Bream

Saffron Pasta – Crab – Olive Oil and Grapefruit

Rose Veal

Cauliflower – Sage and Onion – Mushrooms


Strawberries and candied black olives, vanilla ice cream


English Toffee Parfait

Green Apples

Plum Tart

Bay Leaf Ice Cream

The total food bill for the two of us was £85.

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The prices on the website are substantially higher than those quoted. It's £27.50 for two-courses, and £32.50 for three. Which is a shame as I'm moving back to Cornwall in three weeks and was looking for somewhere to go, but those prices put it out of my student price range.

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The prices on the website are substantially higher than those quoted. It's £27.50 for two-courses, and £32.50 for three. Which is a shame as I'm moving back to Cornwall in three weeks and was looking for somewhere to go, but those prices put it out of my student price range.

I assume that you are referring to the lunch prices quoted by Pasty? If so my guess is that there are two possible explanations:

1) The contents of the dishes really have changed since April

2) The early prices were deliberately low to get customers in

I am actually impressed looking at the website that the menu there is a very close match to the menu Duncan and I had on Friday and is clearly being kept up to date. Many websites only give sample menus and this can mean that the website prices are out of date - at least here you do know what you are likely to pay.

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I found Nathan Outlaw writing about lamb and hogget with a couple of recipes. The one he describes as 'straightforward' is hogget saddle, sweetbreads, globe artichokes and jerusalem artichokes and a red wine sauce. Straightforward for some perhaps. :unsure: The 'more challenging' one looks eminently cookable at home provided you can find a good supplier of some of the more interesting lamb bits: liver, tongues and heart.

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I had a very good dinner at the weekend. The Squab with figs and potato pancake and chocolate sauce was very good. Turbot with cockles had a very good sauce with a strong hint of mustard to accompany. The turbot itself was 2 pieces, unfortunately from a smaller fish. I do wish more chefs would serve thick tranches of Turbot, I'd happily pay the extra. Peach Tatin to finish came with an interesting black pepper ice cream. Overall solid one star cooking, I'd like to see a little more adventure but on the whole a very nice meal in what I think is the prettiest town in Cornwall.

"Why would we want Children? What do they know about food?"

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There are synchronised and very readable reviews of Nathan Outlaw from Jay Rayner and Henrietta Lovell.

See: Cornish Cream and Dinner and Tea with Jay Rayner

Tasters from the reviews:

Outlaw's food is smart without being overwrought. Many chefs, plating up pre-dinner tasters, like to lob taste grenades. Outlaw tickled us with a feather: a miniature salad of dinky asparagus with smoked mayonnaise and a fried quail's egg.
I began with tongue (apt in my loquacious case) on a bed of pea shoots with an intriguing smoked mayonnaise. It was both rich and light; a great starter. The sun sank slowly in the harbour and I drank too much wine.

It sounds like they enjoyed their visit, but I wish whoever put the page title on Jay's review had put in a bit of effort.

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So that's where Jay was off to when he advertised on his blog for a dining partner click. He was so subtle in his clues about the restaurant's location that I never, ever would have guessed.

I know. It was masterful wasn't it.

Mind you, while people here hardly needed to strain to work out which one it was, not a single person who put themselves forward clocked it. They all assumed it was 15 or part of the Padstein group.

Actually Nathan himself didn't know either. Said he wasn't aware till he clocked me in the bar.

Hey ho.


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We had dinner at Nathan's a couple of months ago and it was really excellent.

The strange thing was that when seated and I looked at the menu, I had this really rare experience of not fancying anything on the menu! This is almost unheard of for me, I'm usually spoilt for choice.

That said. I had a fab meal. I think the limited choice is good as it makes you choose food you probably wouldn't normally order. It isn't cheap - wines were good though but we stuck to the house selection. I will be booking to go again the next time we head off to that neck of the woods.

I'm sure he will get a Michelin star again.

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Number 12 in the GFG 2008 hit parade, and Newcomer of the Year!

Nice work fella :biggrin:

Looking forward to the TV show already. I mean how many punned titles can one get from someone named 'Outlaw' (pun possibility seems to be a major factor in commissioning food TV)?

Food Bandit ...

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Last night I proved that it is not, I say NOT possible for a man to have too much of a good thing - the proof is in the pudding, or puddings: there were four of them, and they were all glorious.

I took three friends to Nathan Outlaw last night, whereby I - of the idea and fruition, ended up driving an hour and a half there and an hour and a half back, but was it bloody worth it (...yes). For one, they all got so arseholed that I may be the only one who can actually remember as far along as pudding.

We were offered a 'special 7 course' job, so we jumped on it, as none of my guests had been before and i am a greedy bastard. This begun with a little amuse of pea soup; delicious. I am borderline obsessed (actually there is no borderline about it) with peas, so this was good news, rich but llight, fresh and full of gusto. This was followed by lovely, gentle rose veal carpaccio and tongue, then cured salmon with beetroot risotto (deemed to be the star by atleast half the party), the salmon was salmony - plump, full and lightly crisped and the beetroot risotto was beetrooty - sweet, rich and more-ish. Finally for the fishies we had wreck fish with a gorgeous creamy saffron bisque and incomparably plump flavoursome mussels - all were happy. For the main event we were given lamb, salsify and garlic with the most juicy and delicate little sweetbreads, more rapture.

Then begun my downfall.

Out came one sweet, delicious treat after the other: first was the gin and tonic jelly with lime sorbet, which was reminiscent of one of those sparkle lollies that I remember vividly from my childhood, in a good way. There was the blood orange mousse with almong ice cream, which could have done with a little bit more citrusy zing, but was still rather tasty, and then the rhubarb pastry thing with rhubarb and champagne sorbet - which was just cracking; tart and light rhubarb and pastry, and champagne sorbet which was more champagney than champagne - which, being the designated idiot i relished. Three deserts - enough? No. By this the drunken heathens had gravitated outside for cigarettes, so I made my move, menu over, I ordered a supplementary chocolate fondant in the hope that this would finish me off, and in the case that it didn't, a full cheeseboard to follow. Fondant was delicious, gooey, chocolatey, light yet rich as you could possibly hope for. Cigarettes over and whiskeys well under way I was helped with the cheese, thank god. I am a glutton. Worst thing is; if another pudding had been plonked in front of me I would have necked it in an instant, without so much as a blink.

All in all a seriously good feed, Restaurant Nathan Outlaw retaining its place as my favourite place to eat in Cornwall - happy days.

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On Saturday we ate at Nathan Outlaw’s and it was the best meal we have had in the UK, and this includes Hibiscus, LCS, Fat Duck and Martin Wishart.

The dining room is very comfortable with a great view over the harbour; good quality, and good taste is in evidence and is in place in every detail, from the fabrics on the chairs, to the different (and correct) Riedel glasses used for each wine. One critism of the setting is the lack of tablecloths, in a room this elegant and with food and service of this quality it is odd not to have them.

The FOH staff are really, really good. Every one was knowledgeable about the food and wine, and they were all very friendly and happy. I was impressed that the waitress offering us aperitifs effortlessly recited about 10 different white wines by the glass from memory, and was able to talk in detail about the ones we asked questions about. Throughout the meal the waitress told us the grape varieties in each wine and a little about where they came from with some background details. This sort of skill and professionalism is all too rare these days

For dinner there are two menus. An ALC with entrees at an average £13 and mains at £27, and a seven course-tasting menu at £70 or £100 with wine (which we chose). The wine list is pretty good, with a lot of bottles at the £30 mark.

The food was all really first class, great cooking, well balanced flavours and a few taste surprises. The food and wine pairing is absolutely fantastic with each wine matching the food perfectly. At one stage we went from dry white, to red, to sweet and back to dry white and it flowed really well. There were only a couple of weak spots with the food, my partner thought the beef was a bit tough but I liked it, and he uses a couple of gels on the desserts, we both found these lacked flavour and had an artificial texture.

On our next visit we will probably go with the ALC. The tasting menu did fill us up, but there wasn't really enough of each dish to wallow in the enjoyment of eating them; each needed a full size portion to really satisfy. The wines selection is good and reasonable value. But a fault with many of these pairings is getting the pace right, at the start of the meal we sat with empty glasses and could have done with a top up but towards the end the flow seemed right. What is the correct etiquette; do you order a cheeky half bottle for intercourse top-ups?

First up the first amuse, a romesco sauce with little bread sticks and a very moreish crumbed cheese ball:


The next amuse, a watercress soup with lemon oil and a perfectly cooked scallop:


The first of the courses - Crab Salad; Curry, Apple and Coriander Toast served with Collio Bianco Klin 2004, Primosic, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Italy:


Next - Cured Salmon; Marinated Beetroot Risotto, Horseradish and Dill served with Framingham Pinot Noir 2006, Marlbourgh, New Zealand:


The next dish is similar to Nathan's Turbot dish which he prepared for the Great British Menu but this version is - Brill; Potted Shrimp Sauce and Broad Beans served with Furmint 2006, Royal Tokaji, Tokaji, Hungary:


Rabbit and Ham; Jerusalem Artichoke, Walnut and Watercress served with St. Aubin 1er Cru Les Frionnes 2006, Hubery Lamy, Burgundy, France:


Beef Rump; Hazelnut & Tarragon with Mushroom Pearly Barley served with Roda Reserva 2001, Bodegas Roda, Rioja, Spain:


We then moved on to dessert, introduced not with a wine but wit a cocktail - tasty and lethal:


First dessert - Lime and Vanilla Curd; Shortbread and Mango Sorbet:


Second dessert, a real triumph - Peanut Mouse; Banana Ice Cream and Espresso Syrup served with Monte delle Fontane Passito 2001 IGT Garganega, Veneto, Italy:


And to finish some petit fours, all perfect:


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I recently ate at Nathan Outlaws (3rd time twice at st ervan), and I found it very enjoyable.

First off we had a couple of canapes a tomato jam tart with goats cheese and a scotch quails with a paprika mayo, both very tasty.

the amuse was a pea soup with ham hock, the soup was very nice and tasty and a nice vibrant green, my only critisism would be that the ham hock was a little salty.

To start I had the crab salad, which was ok, I liked the ideas but it did no quite live up to what I thought it might be, I would say more of a lunch dish. My partner had the salmon with beetroot risotto, (which I had at St Ervan) fish was fantastic as ever, well cooked, seasoned etc, but I felt the risotto was lacking a little, not a vibrant in colour as I have seen before, and not as stong in flavour, not sure if beetroots season is over.

For mains I had beef, with hazlenut and tarragon and mushroom pearl barley. Nice dish, the beef was cooked to perfection, the flavours all worked well together, my only gripe would be that I felt the barley was a little under done and the dish seemed very autumnal and bit out of place for a chef who thrives on seasonality.

My partners dish was the clear stand out, the brill with potted shrimp sauce and broad beans, fantastisc dish great flavours and very well cooked, could have eaten it twice, but after all he did say fish is what he does

pre dessert was gin and tonic jelly with lime sorbet this was really nice and refreshing a great pallete cleanser

For dessert I chose the peanut mousse with banana ice cream and espresso, I would have to say it is one of the best desserts I have ever had, the mousse was really light and full of flavour, and the banana and coffee flavours worked really well with it. top notch.

The wife had a selection of cheese, which came very well presented with a little description of each one, and some nice home made chutneys and breads.

Overall it was a good meal, the service was fantastic, they were professional yet friendly and the sommelier was very knowledgeable, having eaten his food before and at some of the 2 stars in this country I would say it was typical Outlaw food, clean simple flavours but not quite up there with the other 2 stars, from asking questions I found there to be a lot of mayo’s on the menu???

A strong 1 star yes but not quite 2

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My partners dish was the clear stand out, the brill with potted shrimp sauce and broad beans, fantastisc dish great flavours and very well cooked, could have eaten it twice, but after all he did say fish is what he does

For dessert I chose the peanut mousse with banana ice cream and espresso, I would have to say it is one of the best desserts I have ever had, the mousse was really light and full of flavour, and the banana and coffee flavours worked really well with it. top notch.

Looks like we appreciated the same highlights - IMO both are really great.

We had a tasting menu, the disadvantage is you get small portions but maybe the advantage to the restaurant is you don't get enough to fully judge them. I really like the crab, but it was gone in approx 10 seconds....!

The one/two star assessment is tricky. For us it was far more enjoyable than the other UK two stars. However, that could be an assessment of the total package; staff, location and food, rather than simply the food. I find it difficult to disassociate them.

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Why is the current mode so infuriatingly fussy? it seems almost no one these days can put food on a plate quietly and with taste and style.

Why do you think these dishes lack taste and style? Maybe not your style, but clearly other peoples. Plenty of restaurants also follow the "St John" mode and present food in a different (simpler) style.

I enjoy all styles, and I make my choices according. I love having the choice - it would be sad if they were all like Nathan or all like Fergus (as examples of their respective genres).

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