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  1. I never met Steven, but seeing news of his death on twitter was a real shock, and I thought for his family and especially his son, it would be appropriate to pay respects here and say thank you for what he & Jason created. The UK board launched many high profile writing careers, that was never my aim, but I did buy a Pub, and that was probably largely in part due to feeling part of a UK food renaissance that was fuelled by eGullet and meeting such a range of likeminded people who I still meet and eat with regularly has made a massive impact on my life. Now no-one bats an eye-lid if I say
  2. Menus are now on-line .... http://www.starinnthecity.co.uk/sitc_allday.pdf http://www.starinnthecity.co.uk/sitc_breakfast.pdf http://www.starinnthecity.co.uk/sitc_nibbles.pdf
  3. Although very proud of my home city, it has to be said its never been a mecca for foodies, yes there's a very well organised, and attended food festival but it all seems a little 'knit your own sprouts' to me, and restaurant wise other than the most excellent Melton's there's never really been anywhere else that can compete with the likes of the Star at Harome, the Pipe & Glass or the St Vincent arms for me to in that hard to define quest of cracking cooking and conviviality. I'm sure the rents and transitory nature of the tourist trade that encourages chains and italian restaurants are a
  4. I noticed this new venture from the team behind the Blind Swine with interest, though I haven't yet made it to the Blind Swine, a combination of laziness, a preference for lunches over dinner, it apparently being a hard reservation to get and a fear that it might well be the emperors new clothes meant our paths have yet to cross, however when I saw Chef Michael O'Hare tweeting that they were opening a new place and it would be 'As French as f*ck' my interest was piqued with me being far more interested at the end of the day in a bit of classic French cooking than something foraged, served on a
  5. Haha, glad to see everyone's popped the brave pills and suddenly become so precsient in their thoughts to have predicted the demise of anthony's! I think there's a confusion of the issues here, the closure of the business involved 3 businesses, the pattisserie, anthony's and the piazza. Now i'm not privvy to the numbers but i'd wager that the cause of the problem wasn't anthony's or the pattiserie but the piazza- corn exchange, so to start blaming the wacky combinations , the decor etc at anthonys is pretty pointless if the biggest business in the group isn't doing the numbers and pulls ever
  6. Wow, that's a pretty mean spirited post. Obviously hyperbole is to be expected from a local newspaper writing about a favoured son. The point I think they are a little clumsily making is that Anthony hit the ground running at 23 iirc with his own restaurant and was the talk of the foodie world, with recognition from every national critic and guide bar Michelin, way before Gordon or Marco who at the same age were working under others, yes they gained kudos once established very quickly, Anthony gained other restaurants very quickly. The business as a whole pulled Tony's attention away from fine
  7. Very sad indeed, having fought the recession this long to close as hopefully things are finally picking is up is a kick in the teeth. The classic dishes menu at Anthony's was also interesting that despite being at the vanguard of creativity at the time, they hadn't dated, they were just great dishes and combinations. I thought the move to the Corn Exchange would mean that his cooking finally got the surroundings it merited and would get the recognition it deserved, Boar Lane was never meant to be a long term site. I'm sure Tony and the family will bounce back, but in the meantime it is no dou
  8. Had a cracking lunch at the star recently to celebrate the arrival of number two child, and a return visit was long overdue! (last year for my wife's birthday, work, living away and babies all conspiring against me!) We decided to construct our own menu from the a la carte and began the truly difficult process of looking at what could be easily spilt by the kitchen into two and what we fancied - which was pretty much everything to be fair, into a not unreasonable amount of dishes for the kitchen to create and us to eat. We originally thought between two of us we could split 2 starters, a fish
  9. I think you'll find Hedone hits the spot, and the ratings are country specific, though at 2 and above european inspectors apparently have a say. Fair to say it is not a new issue.
  10. Well I spent the floor on the bathroom of my hotel after a meal at an early proponent of this technique so fair to say i've been circumspect ever since.
  11. I'm sure time will soon tell if those chairs are comfortable enough for Bapi's usual 4 hour chassange montrachet-athon, aka lunch. Agreed re the chandeliers, and look forward to a trip.
  12. The tomato dish looked surprisingly like a 'homage' to Heston's meat fruit.
  13. Well after nine years, (where did they go etc.) Anthony's is closing, but fear not, it is to be reprised and re-launched within the Corn Exchange in Leeds where Tony can keep his eye on both the piazza and Anthony's without having to sprint down the road. Looks a very sensible move and one they mentioned years ago, Pool Court in Leeds had a similar set up of fine dining and brasserie which Tony has always fancied. There will be a run in March of the classic Anthonys dishes of old and then on to the new. Exciting times!
  14. I missed friday's and have completley forgotten to watch it this week, it's made that much of an impact. Surely now there is a market for watching dishes being created to a high standard by decent chefs with no need for the pointless briefs and the care in the community aspect.
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